Super Smash Bros. Brawl!!!!!

Just got it two days ago it's awesome!!!!! Post any weird experiences, your fave characters, stuff like that here.

Interestingly enough, I got it at a Best Buy. Here's the catch: Not researved, and they still had like 10 copies left. Talk about luck.

No idea why this isn't working PLEASE HELP

O.K., so I'm making my game and I'm on a cut-scene. The following is the event commands for the controlling event:

Here's the thing: The third Move Event (Right under "Wait: 1.0 Sec") doesn't happen. For whatever reason, the Hero just decides not to move. There is no event on the square to the immediate right of the Hero, no waiting, no nothing. Earlier in the scene, the event (An NPC, not the Hero) walks through the same square to the immediate right of the Hero. Sorry if that was a little hard to follow, but I really need help with this, as I'm releasing a demo on March 20th for Release Something! Day II.

NEVER MIND, juust figured this out. Please lock this topic and puit it in the city dump. (sorry for the inconvienience)

At the request of BigEd781, here's the solution: You have to add a "Wait Sec." event between each Move Event centered on one character (being an NPC or the hero). I had to add a "Wait 1.5 Sec." event inbetween the two move events.

Weapon Durability

Is there any way to give a weapon a duribility value like in the Fire Emblem games? What I mean is, is there any way to program a weapon or item to "break" (dissapear and drop out from your inventory) after a certain number of uses/attacks?
Also, is there any way to give weapon levels, also from Fire Emblem?

Screen-Freeze glith [when I try to use Loop]

O.K., in my new game "Seth," I'm trying to use the "Loop" feature to make fire in a burning village.
First, I changed the fire animation for "Fire Magic S1" to make it use the first 4 frames at normal size and made the name "Fire Burning."
Second, I created the following event:

Third, I made two events, title "FireTarget1" and "FireTarget2." Both had no graphic and no actions.

However, when I test my game, it freezes at the following screen (which happens right when I start because I temporarily changed the party starting position):

(also this isnt how I'm going to tint the screen, I'm still experimenting with the tint colors)

I have no idea why.
This is what the map looks like (if it has any effect on the way the events work):

Yes, the fire is on Firetarget2 when it freezes, for whatever reason.
And I know this kind of spoils part of my game, but I really need help with this.

I need serious help with animations

I should probably know how to do these kinds of things, but I'm very, very, very confused on battle animation. Why can you only make 8 cells? How does the software determine the animation path? Why does it only show the first frame when I choose it as the image for the first cell? I'm sorry, I'm just....confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Of course, I also need to know how you use animations for your battle characters (the ones you control, not the monsters), so I'd kinda like to know that, too.

"Invalid image depth???"

Why does RPG Maker 2003 say stuff like "Invalid image depth" and"Image not supported" and crap like that!?!?!!?? I can almost never get my own images in because of that! Anyone know????

Star Wars Tilesets?

I really, really want some Star Wars Tilesets. Or sprites. Or really anything. If you have anything relating to Sta Wars, I would greatly appreciate it if you let me use it.
Thanks. :)

New Game By The Spaz!

I have recently started a new game, go to to read the story. Any comments, post them here.

The Adventures of Two Guys -- Spazzgamer27

Hey dudes, I'm Spazzgamer27. I'm a spaz :o. I'm a gamer ;). My birthday is April 27th :P. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 8). Yes, I'm the weird creator of The Adventures of Two Guys.;D Just wondering but how do you take screenshots of your game?

P.S. I figured out how to make a .zip folder, man, I'm soooooo stupid............
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