monkey-man who did the funny-haha music for games including:
Brave Hero Yuusha, Soma Spirits, Black Crystals, and guest tracks for Shooty and the Catfish. Currently working on the soundtrack for Soma Union.



Epilogue Adventures

There is actually already implementation for that, as well as an assortment of challenge options. In the settings I have that as "Lone Wolf". You can't fully dismiss them though as they do interact and participate in cutscenes and overworld gameplay mechanics still. That said, the battles are a bit aggressive and definitely designed around having a healer on your team, so a solo challenge may be pretty difficult, so I've left it as a toggle that can be switched at any time!

You can also individually toggle whether you'd like to obtain experience and gold and there's a toggle-able stat-based hard mode as well, so people looking for a challenge run or replays using the customization will definitely be able to scratch that itch!

I'd like to go into more detail on the character customization in an upcoming blogpost, but the game is very much designed with player choice and customization first, so I definitely want to include the ability to tailor your difficulty and play the game in the way you find fun.

Epilogue Adventures

There may be a few other fun cameo characters coming down the line, too. :)

Soma Union Review

"There's only thing to say. When would the OSTs for Soma Spirits and Soma Union be for say on Bandcamp?"
They're up now! Enjoy.

Soma Spirits/Crescent Eve Musician For Hire

Hello! I wrote the soundtrack for a few games on RMN, namely Soma Spirits/Rebalance, Brave Hero Yuusha, and the upcoming Crescent Eve and Black Crystals. I'd love to write music for folks on RMN; I charge per minute of audio, with my going rate being $25 per minute of audio.

If you haven't heard of any of these, here's the Soma Spirits OST:

Some of the Crescent Eve soundtrack (specifically those featured in the demo) can be heard here:

And a track for the upcoming Black Crystals has been posted here:

Hoping to work with some of you! I really enjoyed the RPG projects I worked on and I'd love to keep that going. :)

Crescent Prism: Chapter 1

Hey, I'm doing the music for this, hopefully you cool kids enjoy.

Soma Spirits Review

Haha, I was​ mostly just glad to get the style close enough to B-K that people could tell what I was doing; I was asked at the outset to write "something that sounds like Banjo-Kazooie" so I guess knowing that I got too close to my mark isn't so bad even though it just means I was imitating someone else's style; can definitely work on instrument quality though... my budget forces me to be experimental sometimes.

Soma Spirits

Hey, hey! I did a stream where I sort of showed how I write some of the Soul tracks.
It's difficult for me to commentate and write at the same time because I am usually pretty focused when I am writing, but I did try and explain some of the small tricks I use. Maybe people here would enjoy. Even if you're not interested in the process, here's the track I wrote, it won't be in the game so consider it a bonus track!


I'm flattered that people like my music. Thank you. :)

Soma Spirits Review

It's cause I wasn't involved with that one ;)

Composers- how do you charge?

Right now I'm charging 20 bucks per-minute of audio (my usual rate is 30ish). Most of the time I take probably two hours or so to write a track.

I've been composing about two years and I've gotten decently fast with it, I guess. Commission rates really do vary by composer, though.
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