monkey-man who did the funny-haha music for games including:
Brave Hero Yuusha, Soma Spirits, Black Crystals, and guest tracks for Shooty and the Catfish. Currently working on the soundtrack for Soma Union.


Soma Spirits/Crescent Eve Musician For Hire

Hello! I wrote the soundtrack for a few games on RMN, namely Soma Spirits/Rebalance, Brave Hero Yuusha, and the upcoming Crescent Eve and Black Crystals. I'd love to write music for folks on RMN; I charge per minute of audio, with my going rate being $25 per minute of audio.

If you haven't heard of any of these, here's the Soma Spirits OST:

Some of the Crescent Eve soundtrack (specifically those featured in the demo) can be heard here:

And a track for the upcoming Black Crystals has been posted here:

Hoping to work with some of you! I really enjoyed the RPG projects I worked on and I'd love to keep that going. :)
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