I like sad and dark shit.
And Isabelle from Animal Crossing.
My games are mostly about depressing stuff, so yeah... fun!!

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Dragon Warrior: Begin a...
A brand-new adventure designed specifically for fans of the original Dragon Warrior games
Death will be inevitable in this game.
A fun generic NES-styled RPG made in 10 days
Generica: The Next Gener...
The sequel to a fun generic NES-styled RPG
A character driven story of grief, revenge and redemption in this SNES inspired fantasy RPG.
Pokémon Hunter 3: The Se...
The third episode of Pokémon Hunter!
LABYRINTH - Derelict Aby...
- Explore A Strange And Forlorn Place -
Metal Gear Solid: Lunacy...
A mixture of Metal Gear and The Legend of Zelda
Animal Crossing: Old Pal...
An Adventure/simulation game where you move into a small town with various Animal neighbors trying to build a life.
Dead Again
Survive the living dead, again!
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Help a lost dog find her memories!
Death Proclaimed II - Va...
More insight on Valerie from DP2.
Gobble Fantasy 2003
A colorful pacmanesque adventure
Jesse the Fisher
Catching fish at the bottom of the sea.
Escape from the room in the universe composed of text
BilouConcept - Aircraft3...
A 3D simulation made with RM2k3
Ninth Day Memorial
a regrettable experience
Dragon Ball Z - Bulma's ...
A Fan Game about a mysterious warrior who lands on Earth. What does he want? Will he be a threat to the Z-Warriors?
RPG Paper Maker
A 3D game editor based on a 3D universe with 2D sprites and 3D objects.
Ranma 1/2 RPG DX
Ranma 1/2 SNES Remake
Castlevania - Sonata in ...
Created by Hardle, it is an RPG Maker fangame of the Castlevania series.
Battlefleet Excalibur
A short X-Com/Master of Orion hybrid, made for the 2020 Valentine's Day event of all things.
Train Trip
You board a late train ride and meet strange characters along the way
Naima's Melody
Zeldalike Action Adventure Game
A fast-paced evented sports simulator!
The Looming Spire
Explore a massive tower full of treasures, monsters, and magic!
Villain RPG
A crime-'em-up 20 years in the making
Khnocka Dorra - Knocka D...
Atmospheric Horror-Adventure
RPG Party
A Mario Party ripoff with RPG elements!
The Iron Age
Forgiveness of enemies can only come upon their repentance.
Magyar RM Triad
FF Triple Triad in RM2K3 with cards based off Hungarian RM game characters.
Megaman X: Past Rising ...
Mega Man X RPG fan game
RPG 20XX Engine
The RPG Maker 2003-alike engine that can go up to 11
Pen Pals
Find your mom as a panda.
Safety: Life Is A Maze
Find out where your friend Andy went to! It's a Action/Adventure RPG/Thing.
Zero Base
A side scroller shmup where you start out with no bases
DELUGE by riggy2k3
RM2k3 turn-based horror adventure game
Shadow Seeker
A detective on a case involving murder turns in to something far darker than imagined. A looming evil approaches.
An Outcry.
a critical reading of modern europe. a surrealist branching path RPG.
DragonBall Z: Saiyajin L...
An action RPG made in Sphere, based on Dragonball Z
A Sonic the Hedgehog RPG
Infection : Kessler's Ru...
A prequel to the original following the story of two men trying to make their way in the apocalypse.
“Hell isn't a place, but a state of mind. Hell lives within us all.” Backstage is a "classic" psychological horror adventure game made in 1 month, for the first ever Release Something (April, '0
Marcus teams up a magical islander, a widow, and an ex god to stop the apocalypse..
Alone - Cold Winter
A horror survival game, based on the RPGMaker 2000
Nightmare 4 (Fear)
Very short game made for the Halloweencontest 2009
Potty Quest
Face the dangers that await an enby mage kid who just wants to whiz.
Explore a city, and do what you want. Date a citizen, get married, buy drugs, explore a haunted house, rob a bank, and more. Featuring a day/night system. Choose from one of 36 characters.
Retro Open World RPG, Farming Sim, Dungeon Crawler
Rescue Reidman IV
An open-ended dungeon crawling game with lots of content
A brief, simple puzzle game which could fit on a floppy disk
Delve into the Tomb of Ghalung-Korrid, and defeat the two Dark Half-Gods!
Resident Evil Demake
A 8bit style version of the first Resident Evil
Onix Rift
A race to rescue his daughter from an unknown antagonist, our hero must contend with powers from another realm in a struggle for everything he has left.
Dragon Quest +
A new remix of Dragon Dragon Quest.
Leo & Leah: A Love Story
How far will a lion go to save his girlfriend? 6+ hour complete adventure RPG!
Yume Nikki Fangame
SaGa 4: Masters of the D...
A spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy Legend gameboy RPGs
Ghost Lantern
Psychadelic-Comedy RPG
Tsukuru 9 ~The Golden We...
Make your party! Get the loot! Rinse and repeat!
Mature audiences only, post-apocolyptic future-fantasy, open-world rpg
Hero's Realm: Heroic Edi...
One villain. A realm of heroes.
Beautiful Escape: Dungeo...
A short game about torture and love (Game Gale '10 entry)
Zelda: The Trident of Po...
Action-rpg game for Rpg maker 2003. Zelda fangame.
The Holy King, the Demon King and the Legendary Hero
Hero's Realm
I always wanted to make that game based on everything I enjoyed as a kid. This is the end result.
DBZ - Raging Pride
2006 Incomplete Demo
Will you ever return?
Death, Inferno and a revisiting.
Dragon Quest: Legacy of ...
Fangame inspired by Dragon Warrior 7 and Dragon Warrior Monsters
Fighting Robots Quest
More than one hundred playable characters!
Summon four champions from the Realm of Heroes to conquer the dreaded Tower of Darkness!
Teddy's Journey
Inspired by Space Funeral and Yume Nikki.
Grimps: Squeaking of the...
Forlorn squeaks echoes throughout the night
Where The Moon Goes At N...
A freeware RPG about a mysterious island...
Find the Dragon God's treasures and make your dreams a reality.
Steamed Hams, but it's R...
"Well Seymour, I made it, despite your directions"
-Discover what lies below-
A dungeon-crawler cross between Dragon Warrior, Diablo and D&D with retro NES flair
Lobby Loitering
An exploration game about a guy who gets lost in a bizarre string of worlds.
Yume Wheeky
What do guinea pigs dream about? Probably not this, but just roll with it.