Demo Release Date

That's a clear violation of my golden "minimum width of two tiles" rule. Please hear your players' cries. :D

Demo Updated to Version 1.02

There were several times when I lost a chicken by or after sitting on a park bench in reality. I thought that was a real thing.

Seraphic Blue (English) Review

It's funny how you overemphasize every little flaw in your Lakria Legends review, but here even serious issues don't affect your high score. Seraphic Blue is certainly impressive as a RPG Maker 2000 game, but the unbalanced battles are a real buzzkill, and the "I want to kill myself! This story is so dark and mature!"-like story won't impress any grown (wo)man nowadays.

Meteo Chronicles: Parts 01 - 03

This reminds me: The "shop" in Banna Woods isn't one-time-only, but can be accessed an indefinite number of times by simply leaving and reentering the map (I didn't mention this before because I thought this might be intended, and thus I don't think you fixed that in the 1.3.1 patch). A great way to raise HP and AP to 9999, which are the stats that take the most time to max out.


Let's hope you won't adopt from Final Fantasy IX that the player has to keep the starting weapons - that can't be found or bought anywhere - for synthesis, without knowing beforehand or any in-game mention at the beginning. ;)

At least Final Fantasy IX's awful game design (in this aspect) taught me to never sell equipment that can't be obtained from monster drops or bought in stores.

Penumbra Crystallis

Shut up and take my money! I would still appreciate the significant blog post, though, so don't shut up yet. :)


Thanks for the clarification. So when a player fiddles around with your game for 30 or 70 hours, and walks away saying: "Well, that was neat!", then I'm sure game elements like this one will have played their part. :)


How fishing amazing that the game seas the player fit to dive into a save anywhere ocean, where the reload tides let the player reel in the best fish. :)


Yeah, it's a nice feature, but I will still continue to play JRPGs with the sound muted so I can listen to other music while playing.

Will this feature have any gameplay implications (e.g. triggering a quest by playing a certain melody at a specific location)? If so, I hope the game will provide the player with sufficient hints.


As a veteran JRPG player, I would never dare to sell unique garbage. :P