Hi there! My name is Shrimp, and I'm the "active" developer behind Spherian Games. BoxxyQuest started out as a joke of mine, back in 2011. In the years since then, it's become something much more for me, and a few of my friends, too. I hope you'll give our game a chance, and have a great time with it!

If you’d like to contact me, the easiest way is by email at shrimpses@gmail.com.
I’m happy to answer questions about the game, as well as hear your thoughts.
Please don’t be shy!
BoxxyQuest: The Gatherin...
An epic and satirical throwback to the internet of yesteryear, made with the help of actress and former meme queen Catie Wayne.



BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm

Ok so i am going to be truthful i like this game but 1 hour in and the fact you can't run DRIVES ME NUTS! Sorry it's just i really hate when games don't let you run it makes going around the maps just so much more slow its a shame since overall it seems like a fun game i may not be a fan of the youtuber but i did like how the world is based of the internet :)

Psst, keep playing for just a little bit longer! Once you beat Digg (the tutorial dungeon) you get an item that lets you run much faster. :P

Anyway, thanks for trying it out!

BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm

Hello! I'm not sure if this thread is alive but I need help! I'm stuck on chapter 5. I think I'm supposed to find a key for the house. I've been searching for a while and the only other key I've found is the "Strange Blue Key" which doesn't even fit in the lock. Where can I find it?!

Edit: Nevermind I've found it! I looked through the maze even further and killed the boss that had it.

Yay! I'm glad you figured it out. By the way, you're always welcome to join the Discord if you get stuck. It's (a little) more active than here, and has some nice folks who'd be glad to help you out. (One of them is even in the process of writing a full strategy guide)! :O

Finishing Touches

And here I thought the "empty" maps were meant as a self-ironic statement, being reminiscent of older RPG Maker XP games. Apparently, not every element in a game about and full of tropes is a trope itself. At least the game runs more smoothly if you aren't a devoted fanatic of the "three tiles rule" religion. :D

Nah, sadly 'twas just me being bad. :P

TBH, I'm not a fan of super-busy maps either. A lot of the "great" maps I see in screenshot threads just look messy. (Not every tile needs to have a thing on it)! But a bit more grass never hurt anyone, right? I tried my best to find a happy medium of sorts.

Big News???

That's one hell of a TV Tropes page, great job!
I'm very impressed and thankful. :D

BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm

Please ignore that idiot. He's a dupe account of someone who got banned and wants to kick up trouble.

Yeah, that's what I figured when I saw his post history. Thanks. :P

BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm

can you make hetai pic of tyalie??????

Tyalie: "Erm, it's nice to have fans and all, but I didn't sign up for that."

BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm

HI tried to email you but it seems the email is no longer available,when I try to send it says no results found. Once again thanks
I sent you a PM with some help, but that email should totally still be working. I haven't deactivated it or anything. Weird. :/

BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm Review

Since I wanted to show what the player can expect structurally, I might have revealed nearly too much here and there. Just give me a holler if you think "less is more" applies to any section of my review.

Nah, it’s all fine. You didn’t give away anything too big. :P

BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm Review

I’m stunned. This is greater praise than I ever could’ve hoped for, and I’ll certainly take your criticisms to heart when/if I ever make another game.

One last time, thanks for playing. <3

BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm

I just discovered a game-breaking bug, i.e. I got stuck while trying to leave the area.

Agh, why am I not surprised?

When I switched from the standard tile-based movement system to the free-movement one, it broke most of the area transfers. (The events would play twice, since you were technically touching two event tiles). I went through and fixed them all, but I always had a sneaking suspicion that I’d missed one or two.

New patch incoming soon. :P
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