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Post-apocalyptic steampunk quest. Adapt to the life in the underground Dragon Haven while learning more about its residents.



Violet Gold Review

Thank you for your constructive review. Can't disagree with your arguments.

Writing has always been one of my stronger suits, so I'm glad you found it charming. I didn't aim for specific character references, but I took inspiration from loving villainous couples like the Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. The polyamourous angle came from my own experiences and the desire to add a bit of variety, let's put it that way.

The game was meant to be casual in its difficulty from the get-go, though it's possible that I made it too easy. I'm pretty sure that one can get by simply fighting the bosses and mandatory mimics, though that way the final boss may be a bit difficult due to her stats.

The left-over dialogue in Russian is a honest oversight that I'll have to correct, though I'm not sure if I'll re-balance the bosses. ...and maybe I did overdid with the mimics.

Anyway, once again thank you for your review. It was most enlightening and rewarding.

Violet Gold

Thank you for presenting this game for us to play.
It was quirky enough to be quite enjoyable.

Thank you. I'm glad you that enjoyed it.

[RMMV] I'm making a game for my daughter

I'd like to note that you're a good man, sir, making such a present for your girl. I, personally, have some experience in making "game presents" - a game here for New Year Celebration, a game here for a birthday, and I can give some tips from experience.

I noted one thing for myself, perhaps, you could take it too: if you want to make a game present on a short notice (less than 6 months), you may not want to implement a traditional battle system. Or a battle system at all. Calibrating numbers takes a long time however you look at it. You could apply the method from Yanfly's educational comics, but it still takes a while.
There's also another methods in developing short games: you create a fixed set of 5-7 maps and try to make a story, limited by those.

You won't likely have enough time to make unique assets, but that's not really always necessary - there are plenty of graphic and music packs out there, which could add particular charm to your present.

Newbie here~

Wecleom to the forum"

Please have fun!

Yo~ welcome :)

Hello and thank you.

Newbie here~

Hello, guys. I'm Spira, I'm here to make games and, hopefully find some friendly colleagues to discuss game stuff. ^^
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