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[RMMV] I'm making a game for my daughter

I'd like to note that you're a good man, sir, making such a present for your girl. I, personally, have some experience in making "game presents" - a game here for New Year Celebration, a game here for a birthday, and I can give some tips from experience.

I noted one thing for myself, perhaps, you could take it too: if you want to make a game present on a short notice (less than 6 months), you may not want to implement a traditional battle system. Or a battle system at all. Calibrating numbers takes a long time however you look at it. You could apply the method from Yanfly's educational comics, but it still takes a while.
There's also another methods in developing short games: you create a fixed set of 5-7 maps and try to make a story, limited by those.

You won't likely have enough time to make unique assets, but that's not really always necessary - there are plenty of graphic and music packs out there, which could add particular charm to your present.

Newbie here~

Wecleom to the forum"

Please have fun!

Yo~ welcome :)

Hello and thank you.

Newbie here~

Hello, guys. I'm Spira, I'm here to make games and, hopefully find some friendly colleagues to discuss game stuff. ^^
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