Dream of gluttony

Hmmm, yeah, it sounds pretty nice ^^ it would be cool to see it and help it grow! Especially that i will make more games, so maybe combining them there or something would be nice :o
Alright! I haven't got much work done at all but here's the link for you to check it out: https://uminoaoi.fandom.com/wiki/UminoAoi_Wiki
It would mean a lot if you ever want to help out!

Dream of gluttony

Just wondering if I have your permission, UminoAoi, to start a wiki based on this game. I find it is a highly unique and fun game and I'd like to create a place where fans, and perhaps even you, can discuss and have a central hub of information for people new to the game. If you give my idea the OK and would like to lead the project I can give you a link and a management role. I'm sure you've got more insight than me into the meanings and concepts, and perhaps raw sprites and backgrounds to help with adding images, so it would mean a lot if you wanted to help. I await your response, hope I'm not taking up too much of your time!
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