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Solitayre pointed me to this thread, so I thought I'd try my luck.

I'm looking for an old RPGMaker 95 game called 'Honorable Direction Prelude'. It's actually MY old RPGMaker 95 game, complete too, however I lost it a few hard drives ago when one of my old machines got rather significantly borked and I lost everything on it, and the old site I used to have no longer has it either. Google searches turn up nothing besides one or two obscure comments mentioning it, so I was hoping someone here that might happen to have a collection of old obscure RM95 games would still have it.

I'm currently looking over all my really old projects because REASONS, but if no one else has a copy of this game then it's probably lost for good.

Super Talking Time Bros 2.5 - The Last Levels

We encountered a similar issue during testing, though not with those specific MP3s.

This seems to be a very odd quirk with SMBX and certain audio set-ups, we were never able to nail down what happened before, and it happened so infrequently there was really no way to test for it. So far no one else has had issues with those specific MP3s, and no one else might. But when we get around to doing the first patch I'll see if I can replace all the SMG2 MP3s with different versions.

Other areas of the world map use SMG2 music, as well as the ending, so that might be a thing, just a heads up.

Adventures on the StarShine Islands

Yeah that's cool.

Good luck with your project!

Adventures on the StarShine Islands

I'm glad you came forth on this. There's no hard feelings on my end.

I see you'd still like to use the boss battle in your game, though. Now that STTB2 is finally out, I think I'll allow it, but on a couple of conditions.

I saw that you used the image to advertise Starshine Islands elsewhere, like Knuckle's Forum and the New Super Mario Bros X forums, though you removed it from those places as well. I'd like to advertise STTB1+2 on those forums, but even with the image removed from your posts I'm worried that people will still think I stole the boss from you. If that happens I'd like you to clear it up. People have a tendency to side with what they see first when it comes to stuff like this and an explanation won't mean much coming from me.

Secondly, you can use the boss battle as long as you give credit for it (STTB2 was a community project, but I'm the one who made the Whispy fight, and most of the boss fights actually), and not use any images of it for promotional material.

Super Talking Time Bros 1+2

How did you change the default music settings for map overworld?

Changing the map music was part of the justification for packaging it with its own version of the engine. Actually replacing the World Map MP3s in the music folder is the only way to do it. It's also how we had such extensive graphical changes to the world map (again by replacing the default files in the graphics folder) without causing the game to bug out and crash, which tends to happen when you place a lot of altered world map graphics simply in the project's folder. As far as SMBX is concerned it's still using the defaults, we just changed the defaults.

This is why we recommend against playing other SMBX games in STTB's version of the editor, world map graphics and music won't match.

Super RMN Bros. 3

Of course, my apologies. It was the first time I tried mentioning TTBros 2 outside of Talking Time at all, so I guess I overdid it.

But, to answer Kentona's question, what we did was essentially replace the graphics (and MP3s) in the root directory of the program, instead of putting them in the folder for our game specifically, and we'll be releasing the entire thing, software and all, to extract to a different directory. You can have multiple copies of SMBX on your system, and the exe will only check its own root directory.

It's really the only way to work around it if you want to have a lot of edited world map tiles or player characters.

Super RMN Bros. 3

Welcome to RMN! Post lots!

I'll try!

In the meantime, if you guys are interested, here's a teaser trailer for STTB2 that I made up which splices the intro story with footage from World 1. This was mostly my first experiment with the capture software and making a trailer, once we start beta testing the final release of STTB2 I'll be getting footage from the entire game and making a more elaborate trailer.

Pretty much all the non-stage concepts in STTB2 are my design, the world map (thanks for the compliments btw), just about all the boss battles, the pipe hub (a system of getting around the ginourmous map painlessly), Star Pillar Sanctuaries (one in each world, tells you which stages still have stars in them since we're using a World Map), as well as the intro and ending sequences.

We have a lot of really great stages in STTB2 and I'm excited to see it finished. Hopefully we'll be ready to release it in a couple of weeks, there's still one or two necessary stages that need making and then we need to give it one proper beta test.

Super RMN Bros. 3

You guys do realize that forum's not Talking Time, right? That's Kayin's site (the guy who made 'I Wanna Be The Guy'), he helped out on the first TT Bros and pimped it on his site for us.

Talking Time is totes doubleplus more sophistimicated.

Incidentally, STTB2 will be bundled with the entire SMBX engine again once it's done, but this time it's necessary. We changed a lot of the default stuff that you can't just change in a project (most notably default BGMs and sound effects), and it also allowed us to change default character graphics and lots of world map tiles without the program crapping itself when you try to play it. Fortunately having more than one instance of SMBX on your machine is as easy as putting a second copy in a different directory so there's no worry about conflicts or anything.

Also: Hi. I decided I might as well register at RMN since I went and bought VXA and may just get into RPGMakery again sometime, like I was 10 years ago.
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