Blood Haze: Reborn

you seem to be lacking in a end game button

Blood Haze: Reborn

yay 6,000th download.... do i get a prize?

Video Game Adventures

sounds awesome, cant wait to try it.

Curse Of Chromia

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. also there was a bug i found, once you left the prison if you went back in it would just be Eric for the rest of the game, your allies would be there in battle but wouldn't follow you around. still it was an amazing game. great work man!

Pirate Rush

Still won't be for a while yet. Remake is still a possibility one day.
awesome, cant wait :)


i was playing the demo and when i went into the elders house and came out, it put me in front of the theif's house and vice versa. im not sure if you already know about this but i wanted to make sure :)

Crimson Dawn

OH MY GOD! i downloaded and played the alpha and holy crap, dude whatever your doing, you are rocking it!!! i cant wait for the full version to come out!

Testing is OPEN!

how do i play the test?

Crimson Dawn

i just looked at this game and said..... yes i want to play this game

Pirate Rush

personally, i loved this game. I love everything about pirates, but the puzzles were kind of enraging, but very satisfying when i figured them out. it was a great game but when it said to be continued at the end, i was sad. do you know when the next one will come out?
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