"Vell, Zaphod's just zis guy, you know?"
~Gag Halfrunt~
You can shoot stuff.



Olive to Cook Signups

Me please :D

Best I can do is Trope Island

Dope Island B)

RMN Summer Pixel Quilt 2019

“On that day, mankind received a grim reminder."

RMN Summer Pixel Quilt 2019

D1 if you kindly ;)

Thoughts on Game Endings

Besides Mass effect 3's pick a jelly bean ending, I felt everything leading up to the conclusion served as an effective ending. The choices we made throughout the series gave us different outcomes on the genophage along with the eventual fate of the Quarian and Geth conflict. Plus every one of our squad mates had a fitting send off in some form or another.

Not sure why but in every playthrough, I kept shooting Mordin for some reason or another D:

Thoughts on Game Endings

One alternative idea is to have one definite ending but unlockable (Non Canon) post credit scenes. For example, game ends with hero saving the world but post credit scene A reveals that it was all just a dream. However if the player unlocks Post credit scene B, it turns out everything took place inside a overgrown petri dish.

Not the best examples out there but the idea itself would maintain the integrity of the one true ending but would give you some experimental creative leeway and avert the potential nightmare of writing multiple satisfying conclusions.

RMN's Favourite RM Games of All Time List (2019 Edition)

Haven't played any recent ones in the last few years. Most of my free time gets eaten up, here's my list anyhow.

1. Dhux's Scar
2. Suzy and freedom
3. The God of Crawling Eyes
4. Mad Father (Might not count)
5. From Next Door
6. Lisa "The First"
7. A Blurred Line
8. Clock of Atonement
10. Backstage

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

I always, always, always wanted to create a Disneyesque video game musical. Could even be as daft as a FPS with the occasional musical number coming to life in a cinematic.

Was seriously contemplating the thought of having the villain do the whole "Poor unfortunate souls" thing in one of my games but the logistics and reality squashed my dreams... for now :D


Had roughly a year and abit off from game development but I've been working steadily for the prior two months. Sorry for disappearing for so long, I'll do a follow up blog post on Tuesday upon the direction the game is heading.

Does anyone play Fortnite BR?

I need friends :'(