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Cover Your Eyes
Monsters have come out to play.



[Review Request]

Would love to have a review on RMN <3

Name: Cover Your Eyes
Status: Complete
Genre: Adventure, shooter, survival horror.
Estimated length: 5 - 6 hours worth of gameplay.
Small description: Cover your eyes is a action packed 16-bit survival horror game, focusing upon family, and the sacrifices we make to keep them safe. Chloe and her two children will embark on a journey to find her missing husband before the whole town descends into hell.
Special requests: Send a direct message in exchange for a steam key.

Many thanks :)

About what happened in the "2021 MISAOS - THOUGHTS, IDEAS, PLANS" thread

One of the only reasons the community is so open to all people is because we've put our foot down on various interactions in the past. We used to be fine with all kinds of dumb shit, and now we're not.


I used to be put off from posting in the first place from the toxicity that used to go on here. Still barely post though! Only because I'm busy.

But I do feel that it has turned around for the better in the last couple of years due to how Libby has steered the ship. Some of us have been on the site for over a decade now and I suppose we have a sense of collective ownership in the direction of our community. However there does need to be a fullstop on certain things, if Libby implemented every suggestion then the site would probably end up collapsing into a incoherent mess. There has to be some "Tough love" every now or then.

2021 Misaos - Thoughts, Ideas, Plans

Quick suggestion, how about we have a little message pop up on the download page?


"Thank you for downloading *StarSkippiscool*

If you liked this game and it's your kind of jam, maybe nominate me for the end of year Misaos? Let your voice be heard"

It would be a really good way to prime the player into thinking about the misaos right before they even started the game. You can still do quarterly reminders, but I do honestly think that a simple message per person per download would go a long long way.

Cover Your Eyes

Yeah I wanted to immortalize and pay tribute to him in some way. Weirdly enough, the mouth scene with buttons was ripped straight out of my nightmares from years ago. Comes across as goofy ingame aha.

Don't know how long I've had Buttons as my avatar. Never going to change it though :D

30% off this Christmas and looking for a review :)

Aww I made that footage like a year ago. Didn't expect it to come in handy for the winter sale! Might have to make summer/Halloween themed ones at some point. I've watched your streams and I am a bit concerned about your health gauge at the moment :o

You're always welcome to leave a review Cash :)

Any dev questions for Kan Gao (“To the Moon”) and Merlandese (“Last Word”) you’d like to ask them for a podcast episode of RPG Maker Cola?

Whoa that's quite the exeposé! For Kan Gao, I would like to know how the upcoming anime film came about? If he's under a strict NDA, no worries.

Misaos 2020 - Discussion Topic

Ooo CYE is here! I would'nt of thought it would be eligible though because it's a commercial game and not many people here (if at all?) have played it compared to all the games listed above. Beetle ninja gets my vote for sleeper hit XD

Cover Your Eyes - Available now! :D

Thank you my friend and thank you for testing!:D

Looking for testers.

Aww you've arrived too late :(

Making a game is a lot more fun than promoting a game. Just saying.

I find it fun in some ways. Mostly the prep work and making trailers. Not a big fan of unanswered emails and the eternal search for my target audience that I can't seem to find.

Found reddit and Facebook to be the most successful compared to twitter, the latter is literally shouting along millions hoping it'll eventually catch on.