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Cover Your Eyes
Monsters have come out to play.



RMN Pixel Quilt Master Collection

Might be on another forum but I vaguely remember an comic style quilt 7 years back. Where someone draws a panel and the next one in line continues the story? It was quite weird in a good way.

Edit: Found it! D:

Edit of edit: OMG, here's another one!

RMN FEBRUARY 2015: Misaomblr and Bacon Jam

I'm down for having a guest spot. Would have to pay attention for the next thirty days! D:

Interview: Artbane talks Games As Art, Commercial Pressure, and Labyrinthine Dreams

The interview seems rather short =/

Advanced RPG Maker Issue 2

I remember my grandparents taking me to bridgnorth years ago. Nice shout out :>
Also spotted a few games I would'nt mind trying out at some point, keep it up!

RM game makes it to the Top 100 Nominated Games for Indie Game of the Year Awards, RM Games for the Mac, and more!

This article is so hilarious in context :D

RMN Fall Podcast (Part 2)

adding commercial games into the mix would make it even harder for the little guys.
I disagree, it'll most likely be the other way around. By my (out of my ass ) estimate the thought process of the average consumer would be along the lines "Should I shell out $10 for this game or download ten free ones?" if anything freeware downloads would go through the roof if there's an increase in site traffic. I dunno maybe at some point in the future rmn could on a fact finding mission and gather up a few proven developers to do a trial run for a month or so. If it doesn't work out then no harm done, if it's successful then it might be something worth pursuing.

RMN Fall Podcast (Part 2)

Fantastic podcast! On the subject of kickstarter I'm actually the opposite to you Deckiller, I've started off really enthusiastic about the whole craze but as time went on I've gotten more jaded by it =o=
It's just that with rpg maker, you can achieve all the things that you set out to do with time, patience and using your initiative. And It just comes across to me that a lot of developers who jump on the kickstart train don't explore all their options beforehand, instead opting to go straight into the thick of it the moment they plan on commercializing themselves.

And the way how rewards don't justify the work involved is diabolical, one example I've seen was $150 reward tier to have an npc named after you, which is approximately worth 10 seconds of work in the editor... Like the dude just gave you a massive boost in reaching your target and you're rewarding him with an npc?! You can't spin or justify that in any context other than exploitation.

As for the big question itself, I do see it as RMNs final frontier. I think we're facing the inevitable that it has to happen one day, although I do feel kickstarter is probably the catalyst for the sudden influx of commercial endeavors along with the world economy. The only way I can see it working with the problems that you have presented is to have maybe two front pages? Perhaps having a portal to choose between the two at any point in time, which would effectively split the site in half.

The way to prevent drama unfolding is to maybe have all reviews of commercial games being restricted to staff and trusted members only, with the price of user's freedom in a user generated site being scaled back(which we really have to cherish). The last thing is to recruit a huge team of volunteers, who would not only test these games for quality control but for any potential threat of infringement that might cause legal hassle as well.

I don't know how I would feel about it to be honest. I can see it working, but it would be a few years till we reach that event horizon. =/

The Surrealist Tarot

I am convinced of only one thing by Sam's response and it is that he has a delicacy and sensitivity that you seriously lack.

Well as it seems that you're the most argumentive person here, you can write up your own alternative article and give feedback on all the summer games you've played so far. I would like to see your opinion on what we're doing wrong.

The Surrealist Tarot

@rabitZ: Yep, I'll be posting it either thursday or saturday depending on my work schedule.

The Surrealist Tarot

Namely, I was thinking about the game on a whole new level since the creator chose "Death" as the tarot card to represent it. Of all the symbolism used in all of the entries, this game's recurring "boat" motif is by far the most non-standard and therefore the best and most surreal.

My personal interpretation was that the brother tried to pull a prank on his sister whilst they were out fishing on the lake, however it completely backfires and results in her death. And so the whole game is one massive delusional hallucination manifested out of the brothers guilt. Hence the Tarot card of Death and the boat motif being applied here.

Very well done article Max. Hopfully it'll give everyone something to think about with regards to Zephyr Skies message on the cult of personality :>
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