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Cover Your Eyes
Monsters have come out to play.



Cover Your Eyes Review

Aw I was just finally done with updating the game, now I just want to go back in and add it in. I suppose no one would mind though and it would be a really neat way to offer an alternative take on the game. If I were to do it, I'd keep the news report sort of ambiguous and provide reasonable doubt for the audience to speculate if the events actually happened or it was simply a hallucination. I'll send you a video via PM once it's done and see what you think XD

Cover Your Eyes Review

Funnily enough...

I did have that exact same idea for a non canon bonus scene after the credits. The cutscene revolved around a breaking news report retelling certain events in the game but reframed as Chloe going on a killing spree. Never got around to the idea because I thought it would've been too confusing. Might add it in if I feel inspired enough one day.

Cover Your Eyes Review

Thank you for the review! :)

It was definitely challenging and fun to make.

This isn't an adventure game, but an arcade survival horror, so don't expect to read long descriptions each time you interact with something.

Awww I did want to have some internal monologing upon examining some objects but unfortunately what happened was that due to years of messing with the RGSS, I'd unintentionally broken text boxes for dialogue and had to compromise with lots of pictures instead! Did place some readable letters in one or two spots but they ended up not working after a while. It's practically held together with convoluted work arounds.

Cover your Eyes is a classic survival horror, anyway it is not the classical zombie horror scenario (let's just say that there are some surreal/supernatural events), and provides an intriguing story and adventure (even if I expected a particular twist in the end but... nope!).

Ooo what twist did you think? There are a number of occasions where Chloe is questioning her sanity/perception of reality and I was using the "unreliable narrator" trope as an red herring for the player, I am curious if you thought along the same lines?

Red Balloon of Happiness Review

This review.

The Eldritch Woods Review

I was going through the whole alphabet before rereading the riddle. Got to C and thought "okay maybe I should start playing the game properly now"

Didn't have too much trouble with the rock puzzles, though I did get lost in that cave a fair few times. Somehow managed to get fluky with the vines, only because of my tendency to spam enter in RM games. Also liked how the main monster served as some sort of spirit guide rather than being the usual jump scare/chaser trope we often get.

Does Udo have a wart on his face or is it some injury from the car crash? Regardless, the faceset looks absolutely gross in the best way possible.

Underneath House 14 Review


Red Balloon of Happiness Review

In future, we'll just have to double check with Soli before submitting articles or whatnot.

...wait, is this the balloon's doing?

Balloongate, I'll break in and get rid of the tapes.

Red Balloon of Happiness Review

Oh I was referring to how my review automatically popped up without being approved by Soli beforehand, side effect of being an contributor. It's not a bad thing but I'm not sure if the piece fits in with site standards.

Red Balloon of Happiness Review

Okay. for some reason this didn't end up in the submission queue =/

The Huntress of the Hollow Review

I'm surprised there's no mention of music. The melody playing along with the title screen is amazing :o
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