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Cover Your Eyes
Monsters have come out to play.


Improv feedback challenge

The idea is to post feedback on at least two screenshots per day and to play one game at least once a week, whilst giving the creator constructive criticism on their game page. Bonus points go to those who submit reviews and blog comments. The minigame ends on the 30th of November where a winner will be declared. Post evidence below.



Game feedback


Within taste, the user who deals out the most damage gets to choose my profile picture and determine an unique personalized message to sign off on my comments over the course of December.

Good luck!

Random example

RMN 2011 Summer Games results!

After a heavy night of debating between Calunio, Max McGee, and I, we've at long last have the results for you. It was a tough decision because all the games were pretty radical to play through and if we had it our way you'll all be winners! In the following weeks me and Max will be writing up articles as a follow up on our reasons. So to keep it brief here are the results.

First place I'm Scared of Girls

Second place Zephyr Skies: The Winter Sage

Third place Novella

Runner up Aetherion

What's your biggest regret?

Can't believe I'm making this topic =o= but after seeing this rather touching video,
I can't help but ask everyone what they regret the most?

The Real Men Network
We're here to help~

Leaving RMN.

There comes a time when real life rears it's ugly head and you have to make a decision. Due to a event in my life at the moment, I'll have to retire from the rm scene for the unforeseeable future. My projects won't be canceled but they'll be put on hiatus untill futher notice, this will take effect after judging the summer games contest. After that I'll be gone =/

The last two years on this site has been pretty awesome I must say. The community is in my opinion one of the best out there and I really am going to miss you guys :(

Hopefully in the next few months (possibly years!?) I'll be able to return and see how you lot are faring.

Who knows, Adon237 might be charge of the submission queue by then...
You guys would be fucked! :O

Give me something to review.

Yes that's right, I'm getting into reviewing! As we have like 300 odd games without a review in this here community, I think it's time for me to give a helping hand in reducing that number.

-Has to be a game that hasn't recieved a review yet.
-Can be demos or completed games, I don't really mind.
-The maximum playtime has to be under 12 hours.
Anymore than that depends on how much I'm enjoying it.
-I'll start off with 5 games as a starting point.

Review lineup
1. Hero I-Ephren's journey Done
2. Warriors of the Sword
3. Resident Evil: After History Done
4. Sinfonia Done

Fire Up The Delorean!

So what is everyone's take on the concept of timetravel as a plot device and gameplay gimmick?
Even though it has been copyied and abused left right and center, It still is a brillent concept all the same. This does bring up it's own set of problems which proberly deals with the idea of continuity and the worst case screniro consisting of idotic plot holes and utter confusion! So what would be the best way to implement this into story and gameplay whilst not completly turning it into a incoherent mess. The best example that I could think of is chrono trigger a game that was way ahead of it's time.
What problems would this bring up in game design?

Late to the party

Hello my name is StarSkipper aka Greg
I've actually been a member for a year and a half now, but never got around
to introducing myself properly. So here I am in my afternoon glory.
I'm 19years old a month short of hitting twenty. I attend a college in the south of england.
Studying the likes of film study's and history A level's.
My hobby's consist of watching films, going to the pub and jobhunting.
I'm pretty much a laid back guy.

One of my favorite things I like about gamedevlopment is spriting.. but
I do get fussy over them (example it took me a year to sprite my main character!)

Moving panoramas? Rpg Xp

Basically one of my characters is on top of a moving truck which is being pursued by monsters, and I was wondering if there was a script out there to make the panorama's move. I gave dubealex Parallax Background script a shot but during test play the game would keep freezing. So I'm just asking if there is any alternative scripts or even better would it be possible doing it through clever eventing?
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