Um, hiya everybody!! My name is Julia, I'm 26 years old, and I really love games, especially JRPGs. I'm a writer by nature, partly thanks to all the story-driven games I played with my dad when I was little. I've written hundreds of poems, hundreds of comics, hundreds of pages of a novel I still need to finish...but growing up, I always wanted to make a game. So a few years ago, in the midst of some pretty bad depression, I started working on Starlight Shoals as a hobby, until it became an increasingly ambitious project...I don't even know how I'm going to finish it at the rate I work, but oh well, one step at a time I suppose~

Fave Games: Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, Tsukihime, Threads of Fate, Xenogears, KotOR II, Metroid series, .flow, Persona 3/4/5, Kingdom Hearts series, Silent Hill 2/3/4, Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, Spyro Trilogy, Undertale/Deltarune, Saya no Uta, Kagetsu Tohya, The Last of Us Parts I & II

Fave Anime & Manga: Evangelion, Madoka Magica, Cardcaptor Sakura, Kashimashi, WataMote, Ao-Chan Can't Study, Berserk, Shadow Star, Bloom Into You
Fave Book Series: A Song of Ice and Fire, The Wheel of Time, His Dark Materials, The Book of the New Sun

Fave TV Series: Breaking Bad, True Detective, Twin Peaks, Angel, Buffy, Game of Thrones
Fave Movies: Black Swan, Groundhog Day, The Island, The End of Evangelion

Fave Bands/Musical Artists: The Weeknd, Counting Crows
Fave Composers: Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoko Shimomura, Shoji Meguro, Masashi Hamauzu, Nobuo Uematsu

Myers-Briggs Type: INFP
Enneagram Type: 4w5 SO/SX/SP
Astrology (yes really): Capricorn Sun/Mercury, Sagittarius Moon, Pisces Venus, Aquarius Mars, Cancer Rising

Starlight Shoals
A maid runs away from home in this choice-driven RPG inspired by games like Chrono Trigger, Dragon Age, and Persona.



Starlight Shoals


Starlight Shoals

Hey, game delays just give more time to make the game the best it can be. So take the time you need to create this masterpiece. A new dungeon to pass the time sounds great. OH i almost forgot, i ran into an issue with the little end of demo scene in the last update where one line of dialog repeated so, maybe check that out for this one if you do another one. Just a little advice, didn't see it as too big an issue since i assumed it would just be overwritten in the next release.

Thank you Zip!! Yeah I think I know the bug you're talking about, I found it a while back and was mega annoyed at myself for not catching it >w<

Hopefully the new demo will be bug-free but please mention any if they come up, you're super good at catching 'em and it helps a lot ^o^ Shouldn't be too much longer till the demo's ready and I think I can get another bigger one out in January maybe!! fingers crossed with sprinkles on top

Starlight Shoals

When cam full game?

The full game won't be out for a while, but the next demo will be out by the end of this month!! I've been making VERY good progress lately~

Starlight Shoals

Important Update: I've extended the target release date by a year from 12/17/20 to 12/17/21. I feel really bad about having to do this but, like I was saying to Zip a couple comments ago, I've just lost so much time this year to Real Life Stuff and there's no way I can finish by the end of 2020. Hopefully next year will go better?? We'll see, but definitely don't take anything as a hard release date till I say the game's nearly finished -- I've learned my lesson, sorry everybody >.<

The next demo, on the other hand, will be out by the end of the year for sure. I owe that to you guys! And I will get it done, the same way I worked myself to shreds getting the previous demos out by their release dates. Coming soon!!

Starlight Shoals

I also wanna give a big thank you to boos405 for the very nice comment you left near the start of the year, it meant a lot to me<3

I'm really glad you like hearing the Kingdom Hearts music!! I love Yoko Shimomura's stuff and I decided to link Reame, Amori, and Phesta through themes from her work (Ventus' Theme for Reame, Xion's for Amori, Roxas and Kairi's Themes for emotional scenes between them because those songs have motifs mixed into Ventus/Xion, and of course Somnus from FFXV is used for Phesta :D )

I definitely like playing around with fairytale concepts, and I veryberry much like writing stories that are quirkily funny but also get depressingly dark and melancholy at times, I think that's one of the best ways to make players/readers care because you draw them in with the fun moments that make you like the characters and then you hook them with the sad emotional moments that make you fall in love with the characters and want to see what happens to them...come to think of it, that's what Kingdom Hearts does too, isn't it? ^-^

The map design is messy but I think I'm getting better at it with every dungeon!! Hopefully!! I'm kinda playing into my "strength" by setting most of the dungeons in ruined destroyed places that are already messes by nature xD

About the sequel....that's certainly what I want players to think when they start up the game, with the echoes of the first, but it's not necessarily what you think. If I put out the demo I'm planning for the sequel in a timely manner, you'll see what I mean :p

(It is a direct sequel, though! It takes place two years after the first~)

Thank you so much again and I hope your year's been going as well as it can, considering what's been going on around the world!! Stay safe everybody!!!

Starlight Shoals

Ah, we draw closer to the end of 2020 and the hopeful release of the full story. I'm so excited I can hardly wait.

Zip your comment gives me so much motivation, thank you ;A;

Unfortunately I am bad at deadlines (obviously) so the full game won't be out this year...again...sigh. 2020 was rough on me in lotsa ways, not as bad as for so many other people but still, there was like a five or six month gap where I didn't really create much of anything so I lost a lot of time. :/

But I'm getting back in the swing of things now and there WILL be another demo out before the end of the year!! I've made so many little quality of life changes (guarding gives you 3 SP back every time you do it, skills have been rebalanced, battles are fairer and maybe more fun, better tutorials, etc.) plus the next few dungeons will be REALLY COOL and have some of the best story scenes and choice payoffs so far!!! I'm really excited for people to play it!!

Now I just gotta finish it @w@

(PS: There might even be a demo for the sequel Sunlight Shoals somewhere down the line soon if I put time into it? I've got all the major writing done for the first arc of the story so I just need to convert it to gameplay, and it won't spoil anything TOO big for the first game though I think it would cause a lotttt of interesting questions for people who play both demos...hmm...)

Starlight Shoals

Yep, I remember all the great advice and feedback you gave me!! ^o^ Thanks Scourge, you honestly helped me a lot back then, I hope your projects are goin' well too~

Starlight Shoals

Fewer scripts, more flirting works for me, too. :)

Like I told you before, I'm taken. Which means I'm in a committed relationship. Which means I'm not interested.

This is not a dating site, Kyle. This is a site for making and talking about games. I hope from now on you'll respect that.

Starlight Shoals

@Kyle - I'm actually gonna try to avoid adding any more scripts if I can help it lol, I've already spent so much time smoothing out the bugs and side effects of the scripts I do have...but yeah, I'm thinking in the finished game I might even take a page out of Chrono Cross' book and make it possible to escape bosses and stuff if the player wants to regroup and prepare. Maybe. Maybe not. We'll see~

Starlight Shoals

Sorry Egy, the old save files from the first two demos won't work :(

Ver 0.03 upward should be compatible with future demos though, so hopefully it won't be a problem again!!
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