Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

Thank you so much!

Yeah I was killed very quick there :D Yes, it was night and i was going to the castle southwards through the farmlands, but the way was blocked with rocks.
If i leave Arsei to the west and then go south, where is a fishing point, and then going east and enter the new map, there is a way southwards with a purple arrow, but my character does not go that way. There is no map changing, no interaction, I just cant go that way while there is a purple arrow. -A bug or is it just right that way?

(I have no idea how im able to get the Pass so i can enter vim, buy the tool and finally smash the rocks to go to the castle, i explored everything but the talkings in arsei remained the same, no hint or action for the next step.
okay then, i have to wait for the translation ^^")

Thank you for doing a translation! ^___^

Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

I really love this game! Didnt know this series, now im happy with it :D

I have a problem:
Im still at the beginning, where I have to go to the castle through the south farmlands.
where do i get the tool for smashing the rocks? I cannot find any person who sells it, nor did i find anything.. :/ its somehow confusing, can only understand english and used google translator for the rest sometimes, but still... i guess i missed something out, but im too confused now :/

Flip Dimensions

Hello! Thank you for the beautiful game!

I have a problem in Chapter 8:
I cant get further in Takeura, in Tower Infinity. Above the floor with the cherryblossom-trees, while i step on the firey-metalplate i keep teleporting back to the cherryblossom-tree floor. I tried walking slowly and dashing, but the result remains the same....

Please help :(

EDIT: Oh... I just tried to be more carefully over and over again and it worked... this could have been done better, its really not that nessecary to waste time at that point, no offense & in my opinion...


When I got stuck too, I searched "everlong black dragon trail" on my favorite search engine and I was able to find a you tube video of someone completing it. I think only two torches need to be lit. Bottom left and the upper right based on my memory but I could be wrong.

Oh, you're right, I didn't check YT, thank you for the quick answer




First of all, Thank you for this wonderful game with a wonderful story so far, it's so long, I've spent many hours playing this game and it still has no end, just wow! I love the arena-battles with random handicap so much, really exciting and i have never seen something like this in an RPG-Maker Game! Love it!:D

But I have one big problem - The Black Dragon Puzzle.

- I just don't get how to light the torches in the 5-torches-room. There comes some white flash with every new order I try, but no door is opening. I tried making out the 2 torches in the hallway, where the both open the door to the 5-tourches room, or i made out the 2 lights in the first room with the 2 statuettes. But whatever I try, nothing happens.. :/
In which order do I have to light the torches in the 5-torches-room? And then what?
I really don't understand and nothing seems to work...
I hope someone can help me with this... :/

Wine & Roses

I downloades this game and start playing, but there is a problem direct in the beginning;
as I start, I have to fight one skeleton-horse-rider-thing. Everyone starts with 3 energypoints, and so I only manage to damage the skeleton to half of his lifepoints and then I have to escape because I can't do anything, because there is no energy left and not recovering :-/
There is a fairy in the corner on the map, but i can't reach her, if she would be helpful...
Don't know what to do :-/

Story of Integra

Thank you for this wonderful game, i really enjoyed playing!
Maybe i missed a quest or opportunity here and there.. was reading later in this forum about them.
I was really really sad about the ending, I really can't take sad endings like the one with integra and matik.. oh my, poor integra, poor matik.. :-( I would really wish, they would find each other in the sequel, i would never choose other girls for matik or other guys for integra if there would be opportunities, it's sad that it got this way, i played and looked forward for the nice ending that would await the both and then this. :'(

But I really like the story behind the game, which has many facettes, like the dragon and the tower. Maybe the characters had not much "deepness",
so there was potential for "Hell"
, and the battle encounters were kind of annoying sometimes - regarding the loot you got. It got monotonous very soon later in the game, but battles were maybe the second focus in the game, the boss battles were great! I was reading something about a wedding ring in this forum, how do I get this and who will give this to whom? :-D That part i couldn't solve.
Is there really no chance for integra and matik later? :-((( I loved them together.. :-(

Thank you very much for this wonderful game, may all your other projects be successful and may everything went out the way you want!
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