I am actually very new to RPG maker. In God's mercy, I was able to complete 3 games. My first RPG-maker game ever was made with RM2k3. :)

RPG has always been a very wonderful gaming genre for me ever since I was a kid.. I've started out with the Final Fantasy series and the original Grandia.. I've enjoyed them all. Now that I've discovered RPG-maker, I can finally create a new fantasy world of my own! :)

My Youtube Channel:
Rave Heart
Journey into the Galaxy of Xerxes and play as Klein, A Cipher and personal bodyguard of an Erran Princess, as he finds himself entangled in the ongoing struggle between the Errans and Draconians.

Games I really like!! :: a playlist on

Games that I am going to look forward to!

Skydancer - Completely C...
Martial Arts, directional keys in combat to create combos, fatality system in battle! Custom menu, custom bs,mature contents
Fear for all eternity.
Mistia - The Kingdom of ...
Mistia – The Kingdom Of Krasten is a 2D fantasy RPG made using RPG MAKER MV, it's the first chapter of Mistia, and its release is scheduled for 2021.
Moonsong: First Verse
A long-forgotten enemy stirs in the darkness, and sets in motion events that threaten all civilization...
Rise of the Third Power
An epic drama of political intrigue, betrayal and war, blending elements of western and Japanese RPGs.
Exile's Journey
A disgraced knight must face his internal conflicts when the world is in danger.
A psychology horror game which explores the themes of life and death in a unique way. Help a girl in the capsule to find her memories and escape from a mysterious world.
The Walking Apocalypse -...
When the world is miserable towards you, you lose sight of yourself.
At Last Alone: Canyon of...
A mad summoner is on the loose! Journey to stop him in this dark JRPG.
XK Scenario: Humans, Ref...
Your objective? Re-secure SCP-3199 and stop its containment breach in this short strategy game.
Blade of Acrimony: Wish ...
Follow Anaya and Leonard as they try to seal away the Wishing Sword once and for all!
Abyssal of the Opera
During a performance at an Opera House, a rift to the Abyss opens up and an abomination steals the lead singer...
Somber Elegy: Broken Dre...
Messing with powers beyond your control will cause catastrophic events that no one is prepared to handle..
The Founder's Quest (A S...
A young swordsman is tasked with retrieving a village heirloom in a rite of passage ceremony that goes horrible wrong.
Dark Slayers
Scifi Supernatural RPG
Explore a scary mansion, all you have with you is your trusty flashlight.
Ice Cream Island War
A Strategy-RPG to reunite the kingdoms of Ice and Cream
Crimson Mind - Remake
A story of unfolding mysteries and growing.
Adfer escapes from an eerie forest while facing his inner demons.
Herba and the Song of Sp...
Too many goddamn butterflies!
The Garden
My Spring contribution for Seasons of RMN
fight for life
Your friend is in trouble! But maybe you'll find time for other things!
The Kidnapping (and othe...
The general idea is that Pri is a princess who gets kidnapped all the damn time
Wolf and Kid
Save your best friend, a wolf.
Hope is an Empty Word
After hope there is nothing left.
The Chronicles of Espiri...
Kent, an asteroid miner, finds himself marooned on a mysterious magical world.
Dolorific: A House
A house that seems to defy the laws of reality.
Across the Universe
Survival and friendship in an impossible situation.
Eva Reynes: Volume One
Play as an investigator fighting against past demons on a journey of revenge, self-redemption and rediscovery.
Legionwood: Tale Of The ...
A J-RPG style game with a huge world and 15 + hours of gameplay.
La Pazza Leiorso
Guide Princess Preziosa through a difficult time and help her remain pure.
The Beauty's Nightmares
My submission for the Twisted Fairy Tales event
The Legend of Pan
A Peter Pan game made in the style of Ocarina of Time
The Peach Wasn't Enough
Twisted Fairy Tales Entry
The House of Gwendolyn
Imagine you've been enslaved by the three supernatural beings that murdered your father...
The Lost Demo
Tactical fantasy RPG set out in the desert.
Insurgence - Chains of R...
Insurgence is a 2D Role Playing Game with Visual Novel elements
Project Oscine
Build the perfect group of fighters and traverse through ten different types of dungeons in order to gather data needed to save the planet!
A short Puzzle/Adventure game. Play as Locke, a Psyche with the ability to merge with other people's souls, and follow him on his quest to find his lost self.
Ill Will
Mystery and survival in Purgatory.
Final Fantasy Empires
"Surprisingly original and solid! ...a true anomaly." - dragonheartman
Chained Worlds VX Ace Re...
A Dungeon Crawler with a Story. Travel to different worlds, connected in a chain, defeating monsters! With some surprises along the way!
An atmospheric adventure game about a little star on a quest to bring color back to a bleak world.
Avelions - The Ancestors
The beginning of all stories~
Sunset Over Imdahl
Created by Teo Mathlein, Sunset Over Imdahl is a non-battle RPG that takes place in a city under siege.
Sacred Sin
"All we are is what we leave behind."
Meta Revelations: Ring S...
A boy lives on the mountains all of his life, until one day, a girl falls from the sky.
Rock Hard
A short, interactive experience about the trials and tribulations of an ancient earthly formation.
Beloved Rapture
16-Bit Style Indie jRPG
Forever Euphoria
Crazy stuff.
Suikoden - A New Destiny
Suikoden fangame
When Miracles Cry
A puzzle-math-logic based game.
Strangers of the Power 2
Strangers of the Power 2 is a sequel that seeks to improve and expand upon the formula of the original
Yume RPG Toolkit 3D
3D RPG Creator
A Lost Dreamer
Adventure RPG
Tunnels of Doom RM2K
Bringing a classic 1982 dungeon crawl game to a new generation.
Traum is a short, story-driven adventure about a man with a dream. Can even the best of plans be shattered by unexpected news?
The Reconstruction
A not-quite-typical adventure with a large cast and unique battle system.
Lily Renewal
Control Iliana and Draco as they traverse an unknown world, searching for a way out.
Crimson Shift
You control an Assassin trying to break free and learn the truth. You can help her, or take her down a different path.
Asylum: Secret of Caledr...
A RPG made to trigger nostalgia with inspiration from the SNES and PSX era.
Metal Frontier: Kloe Edi...
Metal Frontier is a tactical rpg with a focus on open world and character customization as well as obtaining party members. Fight monsters and bandits in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and earn money!
Swan Song
A short, light-hearted RPG created especially for the "RPG Maker Venture" Event.
Chii's Challenge
Chii faces a challenging path.
Legends Of Illarion: Nos...
A classic old school fantasy JRPG set a world of heroes, gods, and demons
Eternal Twilight
Fantasy Turn-Based RPG
Legends Of Illarion 2: S...
Prequel to the RM2K3 game Legends Of Illarion: A desperate goddess intervenes in mortal affairs, leading to a future of conflict between the Younger Gods.
Project Violet
Shadow Star
A classic JRPG, reminiscent of Final Fantasy 4-6, Lunar, and Chrono Trigger.
A dungeon-crawler cross between Dragon Warrior, Diablo and D&D with retro NES flair
SRW2: Yoshi's Archipelag...
More Islands = Better
The Realms Shattered
One Girl. Two Worlds. Accidental Destruction. Questions?
Celdran's Curse
A story-driven RPG, about kids and politics.
3 children, one tower, many worlds.
Lie of Caelum
Anime-styled Sci-fi/Fantasy RPG
King of Grayscale
Super Duper Retro RPG
Final Fantasy VIII: Slee...
When the sleeping lion awakens, grief will swallow it whole.
Legends of Astravia
Mend a divided world before the Cataclysm brings forth another age of ruin.
Vega Legacy
My own humble offering to the RPG Maker 28th Birthday event.
Play as Eve and explore an odd world full of magic and Mogwai!
A growing number of anomalies have begun appearing across the world. You are one of them.
The Road to Woodhaven
A father takes his wife and two kids on a road trip in a fantasy world filled with monsters.
Quest Questers
A quest of quests! Climb the ranks of the guild as you help the people of Lasna!
Prayer of the Faithless
On the brink of the apocalypse, two friends struggle to find what is worth saving
McBacon Jam 4 submission
Chronology of the Last E...
One man tries his luck against the world and everything in it.
It all started here.
Hero's Realm: Heroic Edi...
One villain. A realm of heroes.
Adventures of Dragon
Adventures of a Dragon tells a story about tolerance, acceptance, and personal growth.
Border of her Heart
Border of her Heart is a VN about Border control.
Lakria Legends
Become one with Fate, or forge your own destiny. When a planet is on the brink of extinction, will you become its savior, or its downfall?
Karma Flow - The Prototy...
A Short 2D Noir Open-Stealth game. "Florien Kealborn is ready to do anything for her own family, even challenge Karma itself."
Be the one to set them all free. From both their pain and their past.
The stormwinds are growing, as my dreams are falling apart -- just like you.
Revenant Gods - Ragnarok...
Revenant Gods sets in the world based on Norse mythology. It tells the story of Rain, a simple young boy destined to be entangled with the turmoil between the three great nations of the world.
Theia - The Crimson Ecli...
A Fantasy-Sci-Fi J-RPG
Drekirökr - Dusk of the ...
Sci-fi fantasy post-apocaliptic somewhat-adventure!
Songs from Aelsea
Save the Waels!
Umbral Soul
Build an army. Embrace the darkness. Conquer the world.
Resident Evil : Road to ...
There is no room for failure...
An elf tries to find her way to her people.
What is Aluran doing about the undead? What else? She's killing them again.
River of Stars
Humanity copes with living on Earth after alien conquest.
Luxaren Allure
Eternal amour versus infernal armor in this WLW RPG!
Ara Fell
A 16-bit era, Japanese-style roleplaying game set in a magical world floating above the clouds.
Orion X
Scifi rpg set in the future
Final Fantasy: Legend of...
A Final Fantasy fangame that faithfully recreates the mechanics of classic Final Fantasies, with a light-hearted feel.
Nocturne: Rebirth (Engli...
The story of a vampire whose life begins to change after meeting a girl...
Eternal Destiny
A fantasy rpg
Weird and Unfortunate Th...
Choose from four classes to face off against a city overran with zombies, robots, raiders & mutants!
Starship TsukuruNova 200...
A sci-fi RPG Maker 2003 game using only RTP, oh my.
Chase for Divinity
A traditional-esque RPG finally sees the light of day after 12 years
Dry Fate
Can a young hero stop the end of the world?
Eredia - Diary of Heroes
Hunt or be hunted in a vast open world scarred with the tides of war.
Follow the story of two survivors after an infection has spread across the USA.