Hello! It's me Starmage! A developer and lover of classic 2D JRPGs! <3 ^^

My Youtube Channel:
Heroes of the Seasons
A Christmas Theme'd Boss-Rush Turn-Based RPG with Visual Novel Styled storytelling.



Heroes of the Seasons (Demo)

Thanks so much for this Let's play of the demo version, thesacredlobo! I really enjoyed it! :D

Astral Awakening Greeting Card (Part 01)

Very lovely cards, Kiyasu <3 <3

Starmage Games Greeting Cards

I am soooo loving these indeed <3 <3 Very amazing Kiyasu <3

Rave Heart - Trailer

Thank you so much RonDChild! ^_^ <3 Im glad you think so! Best wishes to your game deving as well! :D

Rave Heart - Trailer

Thank you so much boos405! ^_^ <3 :)

Let's Play: Elf's Diary - Parts 04 - 06

These are very fun and nice playthrough's, thesacredlobo! :D THanks so much for playing the game! XD :D ^__^ I cannot wait to see the final video soon! ^__^ :D XD Keep 'em up indeed! :D

Secret Santa

Wow! I would so love to read a review of your feedback for the game! ^_^ :) Your insight is always appreciated! :D Thanks so much once again, kory_toombs! And yay for first review of this game soon! ^_^ :)Take your time and Merry Christmas!! :D

Secret Santa

Thank you so much once again, kory_toombs! ^_^ :) I really appreciate this LP as your Secret Santa gift! :D ^_^

RPGTime - First Impression Livestream - Whimsical Misadventures of Cinderella

Yay! Thanks for posting Toasty's very fun playthrough of our game, Berry xD :D

Let's Play: Once Upon The Woods

Nice LP as always, thesacredlobo!!! ^__^ Thanks so much!! :D
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