I am actually very new to RPG maker. In God's mercy, I was able to complete 3 games. My first RPG-maker game ever was made with RM2k3. :)

RPG has always been a very wonderful gaming genre for me ever since I was a kid.. I've started out with the Final Fantasy series and the original Grandia.. I've enjoyed them all. Now that I've discovered RPG-maker, I can finally create a new fantasy world of my own! :)

My Youtube Channel:
Rave Heart
Journey into the Galaxy of Xerxes and play as Klein, A Cipher and personal bodyguard of an Erran Princess, as he finds himself entangled in the ongoing struggle between the Errans and Draconians.



Update Version 1.3 RELEASED

Ohhhh!! x(( that is sad indeed if I cannot use my old save for this! x(( But okay then! I shall wait for the tester's version and give it a go in my free times!! :D xDD

Update Version 1.3 RELEASED

Wow!! sounds really amazing!! Im going to try it out as soon as I get a free time!! Congrats on finishing this update Rishi!! xDD

Dynamic Lighting

Wow! Very well then!! I'll be waiting patiently!! xDD :D

Dynamic Lighting

Oh my, that really does seem like such an interesting big city to explore!! Goodluck with it Rishi and hope to hear from it's playability soon! xD :D

BlueSkies 2 demo version 2.5!!! And... Hiatus mode!! :)

@RishigangiX - Hello Rishi and thanks so much for your best wishes!! xDD I'll be uploading this short RMXP game soon, just to cool off as I transition into hiatus mode for this!! xDD :D ohh!! Wow, I'm glad to hear you'll be getting a job at Japan!! Goodluck with that too!! ;)

@WheelmanZero - Hahah!! OMG!! You made my day with this Wheelman!! Though that probably dictates quite a sad notion, But I will still continue working on BlueSkies 2!! xDD :D

Dynamic Lighting

Wow!! the maps are looking more beautiful now with those rays of sunlight!! :D hmm, I'm looking forward to how your 50 building map would look like with this! xDD

BlueSkies 2 demo version 2.0!! More fixes!! and plot continuation!

Hello again BerryRMN!! wow!! once again another extremely detailed and helpful feedback on the game!! I am always thankful with all these Berry!! I'm very glad and honored that you played the game and informed me as soon as you've noticed the issues in the game!! :) I will try to answer your concerns as much as possible! :D

1. You're right with the "thankyou"'s !! hahah!! actually, it's an honest mistake, as I still haven't remembered clearly that thank you and be careful should be separate!! And yes, I'm currently working on re-writing everything to fix the some typos and grammatical issues (esp. the "Thankyou"'s ) so yeah!! Thank you so much for pointing that out too, as many have also already informed me of that, figured I need to change all the dialogues asap for my next update soon! ;)

2. Haha, I understand that you find Lyrelle to be indeed extremely nice (as Skye was too from BlueSkies 1, haha!! I'm really quite surprised that you've connected them both this way! xD ) I don't know why, it's just always in my nature to create such nice but quirky main characters (And trust me, I even forgot the fact that both Lyrelle and Skye from BlueSkies 1 are healers! only until I thought about it more deeply)! I guess it's something I do subconsciously with regards to main character designing! x(( haha!! but don't worry, I really am doing my best to develop Lyrelle in a way that her abundance of kindness can create a unique relevance to the story and plot itself! :) So thanks once again BerryRMN for pointing that out too!! you know it really makes me happy when people notice such details with the characters and story!! :)

3. I am very glad you that liked the talk feature in the game during break scenes!! And I'm thankful with your feedback regarding how I balance my characters and stories for the game! Cause yes indeed, it is always my biggest focus when it comes to RPG-making! I wanted the players to be able to get to know the game's characters, not forcefully, but because the players want to! I want the players to be able to sympathize with any of the cast that they wish to sympathize with, while still being relevant to the story and world of the game! :D I will do my best to maintain this aspects as I develop the game further! ;)

4. Regarding the prices, I'm glad you found the new prices more acceptable now! :D in fact, in my current progress of the game, expect the mana potion to be more cheaper than that! ;) Also, in Hanni's analyze spell, yep, the way the windows gets reduced when you press C is intentional! xD it's more of a choice for the player if he/she prefers the window to be transparent, semi-transparent or not! :)

5. Oh dear, I sincerely forgot about the overlapping text Issue!! x(( hmm, I still have to look into that one!! I will do my best that this issue gets addressed in the next update! ;)

Once again, Thank you so much BerryRMN!! I really2x appreciate your constant aid in my game's development!! they are very helpful tips and points that gives me further birds eye view on what I need to change and address in my game!! :) I'm very glad that you took the time and it is really such an honor!! for people like you, I will do my best to continue working on the game and improving what must be improved! :D

BlueSkies 2 demo version 2.0!! More fixes!! and plot continuation!

Yes Rishi!! I've read them and thank you so much for pointing them out!! I will be sure to address them for a new update that will come soon!! xDD

Thanks so much once again Rishi for your kind words and for helping me in testing the game too!! :D I really appreciate it! xDD

Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing from something

Hahah!! that is indeed true lol!! xDD so I guess a few rares would work!! still it's quite a nice addition nonetheless!!

I'm going to polish this game up

Hi Rose!! I believe polishing your finished product for this game would be quite an amazing idea! :) Remember to keep in mind all the helpful reviews and feedback you've received! ;)

I'm also looking forward for your update!