I am actually very new to RPG maker. In God's mercy, I was able to complete 3 games. My first RPG-maker game ever was made with RM2k3. :)

RPG has always been a very wonderful gaming genre for me ever since I was a kid.. I've started out with the Final Fantasy series and the original Grandia.. I've enjoyed them all. Now that I've discovered RPG-maker, I can finally create a new fantasy world of my own! :)

My Youtube Channel:
Rave Heart
Journey into the Galaxy of Xerxes and play as Klein, A Cipher and personal bodyguard of an Erran Princess, as he finds himself entangled in the ongoing struggle between the Errans and Draconians.



BlueSkies 2 demo version 2.0!! More fixes!! and plot continuation!

OMG hahah!! That is indeed so amazing to know WheelmanZero!! because you definitely shouldn't stop as I am looking forward for more!! xDD

And yes, I will keep working on the game and I will do my best that people will enjoy it too!! xDD :D Cheers for an ever-continuing game-making!! xDD

Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing from something

Wow!! That must really sound like a fun feature in the game!! xDD :D I guess giving different currency on different items only to be obtained through casino chips would really make you wanna play it! :D

BlueSkies 2 demo version 2.0!! More fixes!! and plot continuation!

Hi WheelmanZero!! Hahah omg!! WheelmanZero!! what you said really means alot to me, though you really made me chuckle!! xDD But I just wanna say: Don't ever stop on your amazing project!! xDD :D

Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing from something

Wow! I think this features works pretty well in your game and theme!! xDD :D I believe that this would be quite an amazing addition to the game's overall non-linear based story-line! having to chill and try out your luck in the casino! xD

BlueSkies 2 demo version 2.0!! More fixes!! and plot continuation!

Wow!! I would indeed be very glad to hear your feedback and thoughts on the new update Rishi!! ^_^!!

BlueSkies 2 demo version 2.0!! More fixes!! and plot continuation!

Hello RishigangiX!! Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy!! :D xD

Accepting suggestions for Elementa Bellatar 2

Hi Rose!! what I wish to suggest to you if you ever make a sequel is to try giving more life to your characters! xDD Now don't get me wrong, I loved the protagonist in your game "Raven" as she was easy to empathize with.. especially the love-story between her and the incubus.. but I just thought I'd give you a little piece of what I know regarding characters! xDD

Hmm, you can try imagining them first before creating them.. maybe make a note-pad of your cast and think deeply about each of their role in the game or what significance they each hold on your story/plot! but I think you were doing quite decently on this with Elementa Bellator 1.. still, just thought I'd remind you.. since you sometimes forget that one of the characters exist! xD (Nikki..) cause she only appeared like an extra sprite in the map.. I think giving her a role or significance in the game would be great.. since she's Raven's friend.. you can give her the role of Raven's closest best friend who would always stick out for her and someone Raven can trust with her inner-feelings and thoughts or something like that, and it should be fine. xDD

Now.. the most important thing when you brainstorm the cast of your game is their unique personality and identity!! What does he/she like or dislike? what is his/her motivation in life? what dreams does he/she have? how does he/she interact with the other characters and the game-world in general?.. does he/she have a strange desire for something? or what did he/she go through in the past that made him/her the way he/she is now? (though past/childhood flashbacks are not necessarily needed to flesh out a character full of life, still it has a good effect).. I don't know.. use your great creative mind to it's full potential! xDD

I wish you the very best on your second game Rose!! :D And that's all I can suggest for now! always make your characters lively, fun and interesting!! Imagine what they would be like if they existed in real life!! xDD You can do it Rose!! I believe in you! :)

Finally Completed

Wow!! congratulations Rose_Guardian!! this is all looking pretty good!! :D xDD

Would it bother you guys, and girls if I make it so you can't enter houses in towns, but can enter shops?

I mostly only have shops/inns open for my games and have atleast 1 or 2 accessible homes, so I think it works too! :)

But if you're looking to put some interesting stuff at random people's houses, then that would be great too! :D

Update 1.2 (Final Demo)

It WORKED!!! wow!! thanks so much RishigangiX!! now back into the adventures of Eredia!! xDD :D finally! :) :D