I am very new to RPG making. In God's mercy, I was able to complete 3 games. My first RPG-maker game ever was made with RM2k3. :)

RPG has been a wonderful gaming genre for me ever since I was a kid. I've started with the Final Fantasy series and the original Grandia. I've enjoyed them all. Now that I've discovered RPG-maker, I can create a new fantasy world! :)

My Youtube Channel:
Heroes of the Seasons
A Christmas Theme'd Boss-Rush Turn-Based RPG with Visual Novel Styled storytelling.



Shadow Star

Wow! Those are some cool looking animated battler sprites!! ^_^ And i'm already loving the main character's personality. :) I'm gonna include this in my library of cool RPGs and play!! ^_^


I was able to play this on its early stages! It was a very fun game! ^_^

Can't believe it was finished already!! :O And it's looking amazing, Orgaya! ^_^ Downloaded it already to my library of cool RPGs !! :D

Elf's Diary

It is completely understandable, Frogge! You're welcome and enjoy! ^_^ Go give that boss the beating it deserves. xDD

Elf's Diary

Hi Frogge, thank you so much for playing the game! ^_^ As for the second boss, my advice would be this:

1. At the very start of the turn, make sure Faint has increased all of your party's agility to have greater advantages in terms of action points later on.:)

2. Have Faint use Thunder strike multiple times on the fish mutant until it dies, that way, you'll be free from the AOE caster as soon as possible. :)(Given that you bought Faint a strong weapon, either way, finishing the fish mutant first in this battle is a must xD). While the fish mutant is still alive, it is best to play kinda defensive while focusing on bringing it down first. :)

3. Next, you can then start finishing off the boar with thunder/fire attacks. Once both the minions are dead, the Centaur should be easy enough to take down.

Hope that helps, Frogge! ^_^ Enjoy! :)

Blade of Acrimony

Hello! This was a very fun game to play! But I felt really guilty and bad all over x(( It reminds me of Undertale's genocide route. x(( But wow, I really love the concept and idea of this game. xD

Btw, I keep dying on the first boss (the siblings). Is there any way I can beat them or do I have to grind somewhere? (Btw, all the other townsfolk are also very difficult to kill lol.)

BlueSkies 2

Hi RishiganiX! Thank you so much!! Wow, it's good to see you again, it's been long! XD :D

Lie of Caelum

I see, that's too bad then! But I still am rooting for this game! ^_^ (Better upgrade my PC soon, I'm starting to miss out on many cool games. xD)

Lie of Caelum

This is a very cool-looking game with beautiful anime art-style and I love sci-fi! xDD

I really wish to play the extended demo, but I get stuck in the loading screen right after the intro scene with the space-ship (Beautifully done scene btw). After that, I can't continue further because of being stuck in the loading screen x(( I might have done something wrong? (I also tried closing off other open programs to check if it was a memory issue, but to no avail.)

It could be a problem on my PC. Either way, I'll just check out the Gameplay demo instead, and hopefully, my PC can handle it. xD

I subscribed to your youtube channel btw, very cool gameplay stuff!


Okay, I've tried the Gameplay demo and was able to get past the loading screen from the Intro, yay! xDD Sadly, it was kinda laggy on my PC, so I guess my PC specs really is the problem x( I did get until the first battle when the bats appeared, after that, my PC just froze x((.

Still, from I've played so far, I really love it!! The graphics, the ambiance, and the music are all very nicely put together! I might actually try playing this at a friend's house, a friend that doesn't have laggy PC like I do. xP I'll be keeping in touch with this awesome game! ^_^

BlueSkies 2

Hi whitewizard! Thank you so much for playing the game and I'm glad that you enjoyed!

To run in full-screen, just press alt+enter. :) It should already switch to fullscreen. ^_^

Elf's Diary

Hi fifacv! Thank you for playing! ^__^

Here it is:
You can find Kailah at Standor Ruins :) Then you'll be able to proceed with the story after there. xD