I am very new to RPG making. In God's mercy, I was able to complete 3 games. My first RPG-maker game ever was made with RM2k3. :)

RPG has been a wonderful gaming genre for me ever since I was a kid. I've started with the Final Fantasy series and the original Grandia. I've enjoyed them all. Now that I've discovered RPG-maker, I can create a new fantasy world! :)

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Heroes of the Seasons
A Christmas Theme'd Boss-Rush Turn-Based RPG with Visual Novel Styled storytelling.



Legends of Astravia

I have tried out the demo and wow! I really am enthralled with how atmospheric everything was! The mapping was very nicely made and I noticed it is using the XP tile-sets, and I've always loved the XP tile graphics. xD

The battles were fast-paced and fun (though I did quite a few times with the shrooms >.< ).

Still, I know it is in demo phase, but I can already tell that this is going to be a great game! :D

Elf's Diary

Ahh! I see! It's great that you have version 2.0. :)

Again, I'm glad that you've finished the game bicfarmer. ^_^ and it's good to know that you were abundant in gold at the later parts of the game. (As I've purposely made it so. xD)

Elf's Diary

Hello bicfarmer! WOw thank you so much for playing the game and for your very detailed feedback! ^__^ This really helps give other players an overview of the game and you've pretty much figured out the game. xDD

As for the party member leave, yeah, it is kinda my bad. xD But don't worry, I've put the frequent donations of the people in the gold (with huge golds) to compensate for whatever the player has bought him with. :)

Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to figure out the game and give your detailed feedback, bicfarmer. :)

Oh, btw, What version of the game were you able to play?

BlueSkies 2

Hi KyleLascar! Wow, thank you so much for finding that bug!! I'm actually going to upload an update soon that fixes most of the reported glitches (such as the Krizza dilemma and the one that you mentioned.)

Again, I really appreciate it a lot that you've managed to find these underlying issues. :D Stay tuned for an update of the game. xD

BlueSkies 2

Hello mimella! Wow!! You don't know how happy I am to know that you had fun with the game under 31 hours in total! ^_^ That's quite the play-time! Kudos to that mimella! xD You have probably made all the characters very strong already. ^_^

Again, thank you so much for playing the game and I'm very glad that you enjoyed it as I did making it! :)

Rave Heart

Hi kennsure! ^_^

As for the characters' stat growth, the small growth are actually intentional. :) THis is to make way for finding boosters in the astral realm. ^_^ And don't worry though, even if you don't look for the boosters, the enemies in game are designed to adjust with the characters' estimated level at the time of encounter. :) So it'll be okay and hopefully, balanced enough. ;)

Again, thank you very much kennsure for playing the demo and bringing this up to me, as I had the opportunity to answer this in case others will have the same concerns. ^_^ I really appreciate it so ;)

BlueSkies 2

@Gezelschaft - Hello Gezelschaft! Wow!!! I am speechless and overjoyed by your kind words and I'm very happy that you enjoyed the game! ^___^ It is also nice to know that many of you guys play the game as eager explorers of Vyen xD (Seriously, kudos for being able to find all side-quests without needing the walkthrough! :) ) It's really great to know that you farmed and grinded the game with 27 hours of gameplay. ^_^ I'm glad that you enjoyed it! :)

- Yeah, I can't blame you guys, I just assumed that most players would immediately head to Alpatina. xD But knowing that there are eager explorers like you guys, I should've known better. :)

- It is intentional that there are no ultimate weapons and armors, as it is supposed to be covered by the ultimate accessory itself. ;)

- You can actually navigate your up/down keys during saving to overwrite an existing file. ^_^ BUt I can't fault you, as the save screen can be indeed confusing at times. xD

- Thank you, I'm glad you liked the last dungeon! <3

- Ophelia actually knows a lot more than one can expect ;)

Once again, thanks so much for your very kind words and I'm really happy that you enjoyed! ^_^

@KyleLascar - Hi Kyle! Oh my God, that is indeed quite the visual glitch caused by Krizza's early recruit (since alden's sprite is supposed to be used in that time.) x(( Ahaha, Krizza's dilemma has really given way to breaking parts of immersion in the game. xDD But it's alright,thankfully it didn't end up being game-breaking to your save-files. :) Thank you so much once again for mentioning this to me, Kyle. At least with your concerns, I had the opportunity to let people know that recruiting Krizza early shouldn't break your game, but may cause silly visual/immersion bugs. xD

BlueSkies 2

Hello mimella! Thank you so much for playing the game and I'm very glad that you enjoyed! ^_^

As for the merchants, you can find them in the "Memorial Park" at Gemeidus continent, it is near Saint Cecilia Village. :) Enjoy, mimella ^_^

BlueSkies 2

I understand what you mean now and I can see your concerns regarding that. xD

Anyway, I'm glad to have given an assurance and that you enjoyed the game so far. ^_^ Thank you so much KyleLascar, I really hope that you'll enjoy your entire play through of the game. :D

Also, I still haven't checked that choice panel pop up, hmm, I'll go check it too. xD

(Yep, you're already very close to meeting the gunner, in fact, you have probably already met him hours before I'm writing this. xD)

BlueSkies 2

*oops* Double posted, sorry x( (thought my last comment did not post)