I am very new to RPG making. In God's mercy, I was able to complete 3 games. My first RPG-maker game ever was made with RM2k3. :)

RPG has been a wonderful gaming genre for me ever since I was a kid. I've started with the Final Fantasy series and the original Grandia. I've enjoyed them all. Now that I've discovered RPG-maker, I can create a new fantasy world! :)

My Youtube Channel:
Heroes of the Seasons
A Christmas Theme'd Boss-Rush Turn-Based RPG with Visual Novel Styled storytelling.



Perceiving Shapes

Awww thanks so much BKLabanos! Truly appreciate it! :D Once again enjoyed your LP of the game! <3

Inner Sanctum

Hello JapoZero and thanks so much for sharing your detailed thoughts and feedback of the game! :D <3 So happy you enjoyed! ^_^ The ending B btw is simply a somber ending haha! :D But yah, thanks so much for playing the game!

Rave Heart

Hello jennyh and awww thanks so much for the kind words! I appreciate it a lot! <3

Inner Sanctum

Hello OzzyTheOne! Thanks so much for checking the game! I hope you'll enjoy it! <3 ^_^

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

Thank you so much, Starmage! :DDDDD I'm so glad! I still haven't gotten around to playing Rave Heart but I will soon, that game looks so amazing! :DDDDD

Aww it's alright, unity!! <3 ^_^ I'm hoping you'll enjoy it soon! But yess!! I'm currently writing a review for this game!! I SOOO Loved every second of it!! :D <3 ^_^ Hopefully, I can submit it later today!! Thanks so much for this fun experience, unity! Keep up the amazing work!!

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

OMG!! I've been seeing this game on the home page lately and on twitter and been meaning to play it!! Today, I've finally got the time to DL it and play!! I've just played 30 minutes through the game and I'm already blown away! :O <3 Definitely worthy of the title Game of the year!! :D

Story and characters were super charming, fun, and have such great humor! I'm in love with the battle system and all the custom arts, animations, and battlers! The UI, sound effects, Music and everything just made every battle so fun!! ^_^

I'm gonna be playing more of this once I get back home after an errand. xD :D <3 Amazing work, unity!

BlueSkies 3

Hello HankGaming! <3 ^_^ Thank you so much and I am excited to watch you stream the game!! <3 Followed you already!! <3

Inner Sanctum

Hello girltokyo!! <3 Thank you so much and I am happy you like the atmosphere!! Hope you enjoy! :D ^^

BlueSkies 3

Thank you so much Make_it_MagiK! <3 I truly hope you'll enjoy the demo!! ^_^

Alchemistress Vivi‚Äč

With how innovative you made the gameplay! I just thought its only fair I should give your game a nomination for Misaos 2020! ^_^ :D You really know how to make creative game mechanics and this one's a great release for the year! Best of luck to you!! ^_^