I am actually very new to RPG maker. In God's mercy, I was able to complete 3 games. My first RPG-maker game ever was made with RM2k3. :)

RPG has always been a very wonderful gaming genre for me ever since I was a kid.. I've started out with the Final Fantasy series and the original Grandia.. I've enjoyed them all. Now that I've discovered RPG-maker, I can finally create a new fantasy world of my own! :)

My Youtube Channel:
Rave Heart
Journey into the Galaxy of Xerxes and play as Klein, A Cipher and personal bodyguard of an Erran Princess, as he finds himself entangled in the ongoing struggle between the Errans and Draconians.
Review Info Rating
Magical Journey to the Paranormal World!
  • Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening
02/06/2021 12:38 PM
A Masterpiece!
  • :eternity
12/26/2020 02:24 PM
Detective RPG done greatly!
  • Eva Reynes: Volume One
02/15/2019 03:59 PM
Nice game-play, mysterious story.
  • Legends of Astravia
04/20/2018 12:36 PM
Retro goodness pirate RPG!
  • Cast ashore
04/20/2018 11:55 AM
Awesome battle system with VN elements.
  • Sacred Earth: Desire
04/20/2018 08:34 AM
Badass Assassin themed game!
  • Crimson Shift
04/20/2018 07:59 AM
Polished and visual awesomeness!
  • Shadow Star
04/20/2018 06:57 AM
Look up the Clouds, there is always Hope! :)
  • Eidolescence
04/20/2018 05:21 AM
Cute cute game!! :D
  • Finding Chibae
04/20/2018 04:51 AM
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