Hello! It's me Starmage! A developer and lover of classic 2D JRPGs! <3 ^^

My Youtube Channel:
Heroes of the Seasons
A Christmas Theme'd Boss-Rush Turn-Based RPG with Visual Novel Styled storytelling.


Starmage's Art Stuff!

Frist of all, I'm happy RMN is back! So I'll be sharing here some of the arts I've done so far on my journey to practicing and learning it again for these past few weeks. ^^

Recently finished arts:

Carmina for my Harold Jam Entry

Harold Busts for my Harold Jam entry

Full-body art for Cinderella from Whimsical Misadventures of Cinderella

Full-body art for Veronica from Rave Heart

Full-body art for Juanito, MysteryChaosKing9's OC.

Bust portrait for Matria from BlueSkies 2/Heroes of the Seasons

Half-body art for Milo from Rave Heart

Half-body art for Bryan from Rave Heart

Half-body art for Queen Lumina from Rave Heart

Half-body art for Ellemine from Rave Heart

Half-body art for Sola from Rave Heart

Half-body art for Klein from Rave Heart

Portrait of Lyrelle from BlueSkies 2 (Version 2)

Fanart of Svoli from Remi's Perseverance

Side profile art for Faint from Elf's Diary

Half-body art for Veronica from Rave Heart

Half-body art for Zazir from Rave Heart

Half-body art for Matria from BlueSkies 2/Heroes of the Seasons

Half-body art for Chad from Rave Heart

Portrait of Lyrelle from BlueSkies 2

Some of my old arts:
(this is mostly from a game that I will work on in the future, with cooler arts of course xD)
Tea time scene

Leading a Draconian army scene

Meditating with a druid scene

Female Android bust art

[RMMZ] My game mistaken for A.I. generated art.

EDIT: The mods have resolved the issue now, thank you very much for checking! This post may be deleted now. ^_^ Merry Christmas!

(VX Ace) Auto replace a word/term inside the game?

Hello everyone! Is there any way to automatically change all instances of one word/name/term being used within the game automatically?

Like, for example, I wanna change a race name within the game, and it would be quite difficult to manually replace each instance of that race name being mentioned in all texts/events within the game. As I might miss many, and it is also quite a tedious job especially you're already finishing the game. X( :(

So, is there any way I can make VX ace auto-replace every instance of a certain race name being mentioned into the new name I wanna give it? Thank you so much for any response! <3

Also, I am aware that Shaz' script exists:

While it works great for what I want to do, you will still have to be editing the texts you wanna replace manually. >.< X( Which tbh, is kinda hard when you have like... 544 maps and events already in the game. T_T

Btw, I also wish to specify that what I am looking for is like, I want to literally change the name of a race from my game because it's a very controversial term, so I want every instance of it being mentioned within the game's events/common events and etc. to be replaced with something else... I want to literally make a new name for the race canonically if that makes sense? xD

Starmage Sprites? >.<

Hello guys! I've started learning how to make sprites using Piskels! xD It's a very helpful and simple tool for newbies, by the way. :) And I've also started making some silly sketches that I hope you'll like! ^_^ Enjoy! :D


Klein, the main character of Rave Heart. :)

Ellemine, the Empathic Princess.

Chad, the Human Prince.

Veronica, the Witch bar-owner/Waitress.

Sola, the Feline Gunner.


Rave Heart cast sketch:

"Meteors at dawn":

"Dreaming free":

"Waiting on the other side":

Thanks for checking out my official spriting/art thread! Hope to have more soon! ^_^

[RMXP] Submitting a game?

Hello all, I'm very sorry for this very newb question and my ignorance in general.. but I've submitted a completed game on this site a few days ago, and it's been pending for so long.. it makes me think that it is not accepted? hmm, I'm just wondering because I don't know what could be the cause x((..

Thankyou so much for any response! :)

[RMXP] Moonpearls animated battler script HELP!

Hello all, I am really quite a newbie when it comes to RMXP and the scripts, and I'm currently using Moonpearl's scripts for a game I'm working on with RMXP! but I'm having a problem with the animated battlers script, and you can find her script here:

My problem is:
whenever I try to enter a new battle with only 1 surviving party member (other members are dead), this error comes up:

though it works fine when everyone dies in a current battle with 1 survivor, but after that, when entering a different battle with 1 survivor, the error comes out! x((

I really need help regarding this, and I really appreciate any responses regarding this!! thanks so much! XDD

Hi all!! Starmage here!

Hello all!! I have been to a few RPG maker forums for some time now, and recently discovered this one! :)

I'm actually quite a newb when it comes to RPG making!! and I am quite eager to learn more!! I have recently finished an RM2k3 game of my own and am excited to share it with you guys! :D

I'm always eager to learn more in RPG making, and I'm currently working on an RMXP project! :)

It's really amazing to see so many wonderful games now made with the RPG maker engines! :D
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