Conquest is made from the ashes of one's enemies.



RPG Maker marriage proposal

I think a "game over" screen would suffice.

Staff Promotions -- Deckiller & Shinan

I am pleased to announce the addition of two members to the ranks of staff here at Deckiller and Shinan have both been promoted from the userbase, and their primary focus will be on forum moderation for the near-term. In addition to being a regular RPG Maker busy-body, Deckiller has relevant experience as an administrator at Wikipedia (citation needed); Shinan is a long-term member who has submitted a lot of original content. Also, he's our token European.

The addition of two active moderators should allow for quicker response times to forum issues, allow for consistency, and ensure fairness in all situations. We are currently developing a user code of conduct to support this.

In addition, we have some subtractions! Karsuman has officially resigned from his administrator position, though he will remain a part of the family as our IRC founder. Don't let him off so easy; feel free to drop by and give him a hard time. S. F. LaValle will also be stepping down as a global moderator, though he will stay on as a contributor.

Discussion: Terminator RPG

The cool thing about the Terminator universe is that due to time travel you could easily base your game in an alternate possible future -- either in a modern setting or post-apocalyptic. That gives you a lot more freedom to put your own stamp on the settings, plot, and characters since you are not necessarily bound by what has already been established.

Collect your stats in October, or you’ll always be sober.

Hrm, what category do those games removed in the great purges qualify as?

Collect your stats in October, or you’ll always be sober.

That number is pretty accurate. The whole "rmn accepts ANYTHING" is a statement that was just made up to support someone's opinion. It's easy to decide something based on personal bias and then find an example to support it, but a far different matter to look at the objective stats and make a correct decision.

tl;dr we deny about 40% of content, with numbers varying by type.

RPG Maker for the Super Famicom (Video)

It makes sense if you think about Sam. The console versions are so limited by comparison that they require constant updates for functionality and thus are a reliable source of revenue... kind of like the annual EA Sports releases. The PC versions are much more flexible and user-extensible and having more frequent releases would probably make the situation worse.

RPG Maker for the Super Famicom (Video)

Please take the personal dislikes and past history concerns to PM, Asalieri. No need to pre-emptively attack someone.

what scares you the most?

Dyhalto, as much as I agree with you that humanity is not doomed, I don't think those are particularly strong reasons to support the inevitability of world peace. Many of history's wars have been brother against brother. Such personal, individual relationships have not deterred such national hostilities in the past. Often our own desires are subservient to the will of the machine...

S4D Needs To Go, Guys!

Strange that Dorian56 and Brent share the same IP information, just like his other four duplicate accounts. I think I will oblige you, Dorian56.