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Foreign language reviews

Foreign language reviews

I wasn't referring to this topic by itself -- in fact, I mocked the idea of it constituting a backlash. There are, however, epic suggestion threads present with multitudes of complex suggestions to combat such simple things as personal preferences.

However, things are rarely "deny" or "accept". It is usually "accept" or "deny, but we continue to push the issue". kentona made his point pretty clear several times prior to the outburst: this is not enough of an issue to formulate a rule or a policy change regarding, at least not yet. Not everything in life needs to have a rule, especially when the issue at hand is at worst a minor inconvenience to a small handful of users. Not quite the matter of great importance it was suggested to be.

Foreign language reviews is the only place in the world where six or seven people constitutes backlash.

Re: this discussion. There have only been two instances of this happening ever. I'll look into finding a suitable way to have a translation of the reviews available as well. But to suggest we need some hard rule for something that statistically never happens, and when it does happen the world doesn't end, just leads to an inflexible bureaucracy. This is a RPG Maker website, not a government agency -- and even for us this is a relatively minor issue.

I think kentona is just frustrated with the constant barrage of armchair philosophical discussion regarding website mechanics and "policy". I haven't spoken with him regarding it, but really we as a community (myself included) like to scrutinize and over-analyze things that are really minor in the larger scheme of things -- often suggesting potential solutions that are time consuming and/or won't even have the desired effect.

September blow soft till the stats in the loft

Nevermind that you have like 3 different accounts here, Brent. That has nothing to do with it.

Diablo 3 "vs" Torchlight 2

welcome to I feel so good.

The silent hero?

I have fond memories of the Legend of Zelda cartoon. I was always happy when I would turn on the Super Mario Bros. cartoon and that was playing instead.

Commemoration 9/11

This is America, Dyhalto. Our politics are both interesting and flawed. There are already lots of politicians who have spoken out against the benefits for 9/11 survivors, and many more have chosen to ignore it -- hence why it is not law nearly a decade later. For the most part that isn't an issue people will be voting on, for good or for ill.

Considering all of the other dates we still commemorate (Pearl Harbor?), I doubt it we will stop anytime in my lifetime.

Commemoration 9/11

First, I'm sure if you set a lawyer to it, he could find a way to properly issue a perfectly legal EO. I'm not about to do the research myself :) but the US legal framework is extensive and full of goodies and baddies.
Second, I highly doubt Congress will be able to muster the 2/3 supermajority necessary to bring about the third overturned executive order in the history of the United States.

Executive orders cannot create funds for programs outside the scope of law; they are meant to clarify the administration's own vision for implementing a law or for general management purposes of the executive bureaucracy. The President has wide discretion with a lot of things, but the coin purse isn't one of them -- at least not without a subdued Congress.

On your second note, it would not be the 2/3 Congressional supermajority that would concern the President in this case, but rather the U.S. Supreme Court after Congress or another party files a lawsuit.

Commemoration 9/11

Fear is a great (greatest?) motivator, and they used it deftly for years and years afterwards, to the point that even 10 years and no attacks of any incidence on USA soil later, people are still keyed up about it.

I agree with pretty much everything you said. However, to be fair there have been more than 40 attempted terrorist attacks on U.S. soil since 9-11-2001 but most of them have been prevented by local, state, or federal law enforcement. A few were prevented because the terrorists themselves were complete idiots (like the pantybomber or the plot on Times Square).

For all the stupid budget, deficit and debt ceiling melodrama (all of it completely irrelevant), you'd think the Federal government would offer SOME gratitude, compensation, and respect. Heck, a Real President would just executive order $1 billion dollars to take care of them and not look back. Whose going to argue against it?

That's not really how executive orders work. :(