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RMNv4 Feedback

Yeah I highlighted this in the Bugs section. Dunno if it's a bug though :/ What's the point of seeing the title of reviews/blogs/articles when you can't see the title and user name clearly?

The almost invisible text is a bug, or at least it's not present that way on the development server. It's definitely not a planned feature! While I was browsing the new RMN4 this morning on my phone in the wilderness, I didn't even see the text... I was wondering why we didn't post what game the reviews and such were from.


Transformers tech-specs. That is all.

RMN4 incoming

So, RMN4. Discuss.

*glares at Adon237*

RMN4 incoming

I just felt that my own culture was being ripped a part whilst I was on my computer defend it I guess I over react a little sorry. I am still kind of new here so not quite sure this if American ignorant behaviour is normal here.

It would be wise not to stereotype an entire nationality based upon a single, 13 year member. None of the other members who touched upon the subject are American (try Australian and Canadian). Don't be so sensitive, and don't jump to conclusions.

Anyways, lets try to discuss RMN4 and not American vs. British spelling differences.

RMN4 incoming

bluebell, don't worry too much about Adonadonk... he's "special". Not really sure who else your rant is referring to.

Shinan, there are predetermined blog categories -- though we can always add more later.

RMN4 incoming

So the latest version of (“RMN4”) is ready to go live on September 5th, 2011. We were not able to creep in all the features that we were initially planning, but there are considerable updates to site functionality and a fresh coat of paint. We will continue to implement new features post-release via DLC.
So a brief look at what is new:

- New layout with additional content visibility, including a “buzz meter” to highlight games with lots of activity based upon metrics such as downloads, comments, reviews, etc. Buzz will decay after a period of time to ensure the information is always current.

- Redesigned list pages for reviews, blogs, etc. to for better organization and relevance.

- A new media tab for gameprofiles to allow users to submit music, trailers, Lets Plays series, etc. to gameprofiles. Note: any user can submit media to a game.

- Engine pages have been updated to act more like gameprofiles, including the ability to host utilities and patches. In the future this will be used to update the engine pages with up-to-date information on our supported engines.

- A scripts section to support RPG Maker XP/VX and other relevant engines.

- Gameprofile options to share the content on popular websites (Facebook, reddit, etc.)

- Blogs are now sorted into user-selected categories such as announcements, game design, progress reports, etc.

- Achievement are now viewable with a list of used who have earned them.

- Lots of bugfixes, tweaks, and refinements to existing systems (some of which were already stealth added to the live site).

- New admin tools.

- Gamepages no longer use the "date available" field to determine visibility - games can now be marked public / private

-You can delete multiple PMs in your inbox similar to how the locker deleting works

-You can sort your lock based on file size

-Event management tweaks (you can remove team members and leave an event)

-Resubmit some deleted / denied submissions (games/reviews/articles/tutorials/scripts)

-Edit reviews/articles/tutorials/scripts when viewing them (instead of having to go to your submissions history)

-Filter your submissions by submission type

-You can now edit forum topics / titles

-Added subscription management tools (you can unsubscribe from getting notices for comments/images/blogs/downloads)

-Fixed bug where if a developer set a download as for testers only it would also allow them to set it as a main download (it won't let you do this now)

bbcode tag for the site (we'll teach you how to use it soon!)

-probably more!

We won’t pretend that RMN4 is 100% complete but we do feel it is time to push it live. Further changes will be made based upon user feedback and observations on how some systems are working. ankylo and kentona have invested a ton of time on this project so they have my appreciation. Hopefully the transition from the dev server to the live server goes well and everyone can peruse RMN4 on Labor day!

Any Pittsburgh PA (USA) people here?

author=Feldschlacht IV
In west Pennsylvania born and raised...

Sorry, couldn't resist...


Haha. Earlier I was browsing with my 2 year old son on my lap. He started pointing to the Fiery sword image on the frontpage and I clicked it for him. He got mad when he realized there was no Youtube swordfighting video to be found.

The fire always burns

Which after reading that, I feel the program will just die out. If he gets it done, more power to him. But after reading what you had just said, rcholbert, it'd most likely go into a list of game engines that go unnoticed. It'd better suit his actual project, to keep this updated. He doesn't have to like 24/7, but the best thing to do is update it every now and then. Maybe even have someone he talks to on here, off-site wise, I mean, update it for him, by him telling them what to add/take-off, if he is done being a part of the community. It would be a shame if RPG Maker 20XX goes to the bottom with the other engines that never see the light of day.

I disagree, if only for the subjective reasons. If he doesn't want to be here, he should go. We've seen far too often what happens when people decide to just fester here after they should have long since moved on. It's not good for anyone involved. Whatever becomes of RPG Maker 20XX is up to WolfCoder, but I know there are lots of users here still interested in it wherever it is hosted.