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The fire always burns

Then they can follow the re-direct link, but I don't understand your exact problem. People who find this place by accident are just as likely to find MD by accident. Furthermore, Dreamincode's visitor base far exceeds this site's. Giving the engine proper exposure is not going to be an issue.

I would say that his deciding to leave was for purely subjective reasons -- he doesn't like the site or community (maybe both), and most of his friends have moved on. That's cool. Objectively it's probably not the best situation for the upstart RPG Maker 20XX engine. Its homebase at Meridian Dance is nowhere near as easy to find "by accident" as If you're not one of the core members there, or know one of them, the place doesn't exist. You won't find it on google or other search engines looking for common RPG Maker related terms, where as it is pretty popular here and has generated a lot of dicussion. Dream.In.Code is a huge community but it's almost entirely geared towards programmers helping programmers. Maybe I am wrong, but I doubt many programmers are in need of a replacement engine for RPG Maker 2003. It's not a place your average rm2k/3 user would search to find cool things.

Anyways, best of luck WolfCoder.


You guys must not remember when buying Street Fighter II for the SNES cost $79.99 to start and if you ever wanted any kind of content update at all, you would have to buy the incremental updates on an entirely new cartridge at full price. DLC has its pros and cons but some of you are viewing the past of gaming with rose tinted glasses.

What are YOU in this for?

Slightly off-topic, but I know of several people who included RPG Maker / indie game development in their CV/portfolio that have been hired at companies like Turbine, Nexon, ArenaNet, etc. Not saying that it is a surefire path to success (it isn't), but it is possible!

YDS' Real Name (Stock Ticker Question)

I would find this topic creepy even if it wasn't an advertisement topic for a game.

Finished Games 2011

Oh yes, I also beat Gears of War 2 finally during that same time period. It was a crazy ride.

What are YOU in this for?

The reality is that I am heavily invested in the RPG Maker community that I have been a part of for a long time. It's one of the first communities I found/joined when I first got a PC in the late 90's and honestly the only one I have ever been active in. I've never really done more than lurk elsewhere. I've meet a lot of cool people here, many of whom I have known since for a long time now. Some of the oldbies may have become disinterested but they have been replaced over the years by less (or even more) jaded youths. So keeping running was kind of my way of giving back for a long time... even though it's the users who keep it going these days.

Some fun facts about my experiences in the community:

- ankylo and I are pretty good friends outside of In 2005 or so I moved to NJ for awhile on a business relocation and I got to live in his hometown (he had since moved). Last year he moved closer this way. My wife routinely invites him to family functions.

- WIP and I don't talk as much as we used to, which is probably my fault because I never use IM anymore. However, we were bros for a long time and have met in real life twice. My sister-in-law was afraid to enter our home while he was there, suggesting that he might be an internet "knife-killer". When he came to visit me in New Orleans, we went looking downtown to get him some souvenirs before he left. Unbeknownst to us, there was a "gay" Mardi Gras going on at the time. Any corruption that has occurred to WIP since that time can be directly attributed to the elderly man wearing pink books, short shorts, and a cowboy hat.

- Current or former rpgmaker community members I have met in person: ankylo, WIP, Gadreel, Brickroad, Lysander86, RPG-Advocate. I also met some #rm2k/Don's forums oldbies like shqua and LordStan.

- narcodis was once known as DragonShadow, who was affectionately referred to as "Holbert Jr." or "Hoju". He has since grown into a fine upstanding man with a beard.

Anyways, yeah, making/playing games is cool and all but I also really enjoy most of the people too.

What are YOU in this for?

The $30/month ad revenue, or so I have been told.

Also, the switches.

Finished Games 2011

In the last month I beat Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 2. I have been playing Mass Effect 2 on and off since last October but kept getting distracted from finishing it (including RRoD). I bought Dragon Age 2 on launch but didn't really get to playing it too much until May. When my wife went on vacation recently I knew it was time to finish them off. My total playtime including all DLC on Mass Effect 2 was 78 hours. I spent about 51 hours in Dragon Age 2 but haven't played Legacy yet. I enjoyed both games very much, despite claims both have been dumbed down.

In between there I also beat TMNT Turtles in Time Reshelled for the 360.

Nothing Is Perfect

Illustrious, that seem somewhat pointed at me. Not exactly the point I was trying to make, but I am getting used to that! :)

I propose an alternate timeline of events:

Reviewer: 5 stars, mate. great job on this game!
Person 1 writes: ^$^%$^$ he can't review the game this way!!! this review needs to be pulled, WHERE ARE THE MODS?!
Person 2 writes: Chill bro, have some respect and let the dude speak.

Person 2 thinks: I never said person 1 couldn't comment on the review. it is YOU who says they can't say what they are thinking.

Like you said, respect is key. Sometime it is the only difference between effective criticism and trolling.

As far as the topic at hand, I disagree with WIP immensely on review scores. It would seem rather silly to have a 5/5 but not utilize it. It doesn't signify that the game is perfect, but rather that it is extremely good for its platform. I think the issue here is that, good or bad, we are entirely comfortable having circular arguments about semantics and using logic that doesn't necessarily apply to this medium.