Conquest is made from the ashes of one's enemies.



The silent hero?

I have fond memories of the Legend of Zelda cartoon. I was always happy when I would turn on the Super Mario Bros. cartoon and that was playing instead.

The fire always burns

Which after reading that, I feel the program will just die out. If he gets it done, more power to him. But after reading what you had just said, rcholbert, it'd most likely go into a list of game engines that go unnoticed. It'd better suit his actual project, to keep this updated. He doesn't have to like 24/7, but the best thing to do is update it every now and then. Maybe even have someone he talks to on here, off-site wise, I mean, update it for him, by him telling them what to add/take-off, if he is done being a part of the community. It would be a shame if RPG Maker 20XX goes to the bottom with the other engines that never see the light of day.

I disagree, if only for the subjective reasons. If he doesn't want to be here, he should go. We've seen far too often what happens when people decide to just fester here after they should have long since moved on. It's not good for anyone involved. Whatever becomes of RPG Maker 20XX is up to WolfCoder, but I know there are lots of users here still interested in it wherever it is hosted.

The fire always burns

Then they can follow the re-direct link, but I don't understand your exact problem. People who find this place by accident are just as likely to find MD by accident. Furthermore, Dreamincode's visitor base far exceeds this site's. Giving the engine proper exposure is not going to be an issue.

I would say that his deciding to leave was for purely subjective reasons -- he doesn't like the site or community (maybe both), and most of his friends have moved on. That's cool. Objectively it's probably not the best situation for the upstart RPG Maker 20XX engine. Its homebase at Meridian Dance is nowhere near as easy to find "by accident" as If you're not one of the core members there, or know one of them, the place doesn't exist. You won't find it on google or other search engines looking for common RPG Maker related terms, where as it is pretty popular here and has generated a lot of dicussion. Dream.In.Code is a huge community but it's almost entirely geared towards programmers helping programmers. Maybe I am wrong, but I doubt many programmers are in need of a replacement engine for RPG Maker 2003. It's not a place your average rm2k/3 user would search to find cool things.

Anyways, best of luck WolfCoder.

Phantom's Legacy Redux, an Update

Technically Dyhalto donated his $25 back to, and then I decided to double the pot and donate the money to you after your blog post (and informed Dyhalto as such). It's okay though man, I didn't donate the money to you because of your opinions on, which to be honest were never super positive. Have fun at Meridian Dance.

Why are there like 5 staff members blogging and knocking games off the front page. I came to check out Jude's game topic. Don't wry Jude is most likely not going anywhere anytime soon.

I am not sure what you are talking about?

Phantom's Legacy Redux, an Update

On second thought, nevermind.

Phantom's Legacy Redux, an Update

Yes, because anyone who disagrees with you is illiterate and incapable of using reason. Besides, after this stunt I don't think you're exactly a subject matter expert on class.

Phantom's Legacy Redux, an Update

This is probably just ironic timing but it appears content on Gamejolt must share the frontpage with Sonic Vs. The Recolors 2. This Sonic parasite knows no bounds.

This has been coming for some time now by the only staff member who actually does something of value.

It's strange that you think you understand internal site mechanisms that aren't public, but I guess perception trumps reality. This is especially odd since you're referencing RMN4, which has had a lot of time and effort put into by several staff members and others.

What happens next

This community doesn't play games so it doesn't count. I was thinking about the big picture, the sites and communities not focused on game design.
There aren't more than 100 regularly active users with something to say here. Meanwhile, Hero's Realm has over 11,000 downloads. You and I and everyone else on this forum are statistically insignificant. If Kentona releases a game "From the Maker of Hero's Realm", players will line up for it.

This is true. The amount of activity generated from the vocal members is... not really that much when compared to the overall activity at the site from unregistered or non-posting users. Which is why sometimes I listen more to what the numbers say than whatever the current dramafest is on the forums.

Step in the Right Direction: Unveiling the Node Exploration System

Hrm. I think this is a novel approach that I am interested in, but doesn't it essentially remove dungeon exploration as a game feature? This may or may not be a negative.
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