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Forum Changes

In case you haven't noticed, we are reversing many of the forum changes that occurred in January, 2011. The primary reason for this is because the off-topic forums became stagnant after the changes, probably because the General Discussion forum became overly cluttered. The changes should make the forums more organized and relevant to each individual's interests.

Staff Announcements

I have a couple of promotions to announce currently. In a sense, we're going BACK TO THE FUTURE. Or vice-versa. Whatever. Anyways, I'm happy to announce that kentona is rejoining the ranks of staff as an administrator. kentona will be responsible for much of the day-to-day operations of kentona has been an integral part of community since it launched and I think he will be a very good fit. ankylo has also agreed to rejoin the staff and will be providing us with his technical expertise. We're kind of a package deal.

We are currently looking at restructuring the staff and adding a few other new positions which will be announced next week. Everyone that said they wanted to save will be expected to have their résumé ready and be prepared to work. Right? Right.

Site Announcement

This was kind of insinuated in other posts, but to make it official I will be resuming full control of effective immediately. My first act will be to reverse the decision to shut down the site on April 2nd, 2011. WIP will be taking a well-needed leave of absence and will be retained as a technical consultant. The plan is to continue to make a great place for game making through continuous technical innovation. has always been more advanced than its counterparts, and we're looking to make that trend continue.

I'd like to tell all of you that I have a fancy plan in place. I don't. I'm just back because it was necessary and because has too much potential left unfulfilled. Over the course of the next coming week, I will be reviewing the current status of the site and begin to make organizational changes as needed. Please bear with me as at the moment I don't even know who the current staff is.

Thanks to all of you who have shown how invested you are in the site and how much support it has; it really was a major factor in my decision.

Wait... I still function...

I don't have anything relevant to say, I just felt compelled to use that line after reading another post. Hopefully all is well here at the Real Men Network.

Also, this reCAPTCHA thing reminds me of the U.S. Patriot Act -- entirely incapable of stopping its designated target yet freaking annoying for average citizens.

DNS Update is finally moving its DNS services from our old server (still online) to our new server. You may experience downtime during this transition. The process will start tonight (08/04/09) and may not be visible until your ISP reflects our change. That is all.

Guilty Pleasures

This topis is to discuss our guilty pleasures. Wikipedia has this to say on this issue: "A guilty pleasure is known as something one considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. Fashion, music and food can be examples of guilty pleasures."

My current guilty pleasure is Eminem. He is pretty much the anti-thesis of what I would normally call acceptable music. However, I was a teenager when he first came out and thought it was pretty cool at the time. Now I know better. I would be embarassed if anyone knew he was currently in my MP3 player, but I found my old CDs and now can't help but enjoy it. His music is something akin to a trainwreck, but I also find it as an eye into a lifestyle I can never understand.

Your turn.

End The 2009 Misaos Do (Results Are In!)

As of 12:01am on February 17th, 2009, the 2008 Misaos Awards are active. Most of you probably think you know the drill, but we're doing things a little differently this time around. Some key things to take note of:

- Category nominations this year are fixed. That is, they were pre-determined by with feedback from our users. Hopefully this will allow for a more consistent process from year to year. However, our web application hasn't changed so it will just like like I (rcholbert) am a big jerk.

- As a reminder, only games that were actually released during the 2008 calendar year are eligible. Games that were released in the years previous are ineligible, unless they had a re-release with a substantial amount of content changes and/or bugfixes. Games released in the 2009 calendar year are also ineligible unless they had a prior release in the 2008 calendar year. For a fairly comprehensive listing of 2008 games, visit here:

- will be actively monitoring the nomination and voting processes. Any attempts to game the system, whether by outright cheating or "poll flooding" will result in disciplinary action up to and including permanent bans for the users involved and their game being rendered ineligible for the Misaos. One person, one vote, no groupthink. We will not be terribly lenient with this.

- You cannot nominate or vote for your own project.

The timeline for the remaining processes should each last one week and are as follows:

- Game nominations will run from 12:01am CST on February 18th, 2009 until 11:00pm CST February 24th, 2009.

- Game voting will commence sometime on February 25th, 2009 and last through March 3rd, 2009.

- The official results will be tallied and announced the following week.

Get nominatin' and spread the word!

Update: If you decide to go ahead and nominate the same game for every single category, particulary the best and worst game categories, I will nullify your vote. It doesn't even make sense.

Edit: Final Results!


GOTY: Game of the Year - Balmung Cycle
GOTY: Best RPG - Balmung Cycle
GOTY: Best Non-RPG - SkyE
GOTY: Best Completed Game - Balmung Cycle
GOTY: Most Promising Demo - Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Writing: Best Storytelling and Direction - Do You Remember My Lullaby
Writing: Best Plot - Quintessence - The Blighted Venom
Writing: Best Dialogue - Master of the Wind
Writing: Best Character - Shadar (Demon Legacy)
Writing: Best Setting - Quintessence - The Blighted Venom

Audio-visual: Best Atmosphere - Quintessence - The Blighted Venom
Audio-visual: Best Graphics & Artwork - TIE! Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis & U.S.G. & A New Beginning
Audio-visual: Best Music - Quintessence - The Blighted Venom
Audio-visual: Best Sound - Balmung Cycle
Audio-visual: Best Cinematics - Quintessence - The Blighted Venom

Game Design: Most Technical Prowess (Coding Award) - U.S.G. - A New Beginning
Game Design: Best Game Design - Balmung Cycle
Game Design: Best Level Design - TIE! Balmung Cycle & Master of the Wind
Game Design: Best Interface Design - U.S.G. - A New Beginning
Game Design: Most Fun - U.S.G. - A New Beginning

Wisao: Worst Game of the Year - sonic and mario
Wisao: Biggest Disappointment (Overhyped Award) - Monopolo
Wisao: Worst Case of Vaporitis - Barkley: Shut Up and Jam Gaiden (by default)

Official RMN Changes

Dear netizens,

Retroactive to January 12th, 2009, WIP has resigned from his post as RMN administrator & lead developer to pursue other interests. Thus, the current iteration of RMNv3 has been canceled and we are currently in no position to speculate on future developments. In the meantime, we turn our attention towards improving RMNv2.

As many of you are aware, WIP has been an integral part of RMN since its current inception and that the site you visit today is entirely because of the hard work and dedication he put into it over the last few years. I truly believe that due to his efforts we are the most technologically advanced RPG Maker site around. Every effort will be made to insure that remains true in the future.

We are also preparing to migrate to a newer server, which has quadruple the memory and should allow for a better uptime. Due to this, the Misaos will be postponed until after the transition (early February). Anyone who has hosting will be affected and will be contacted with pertinent details when necessary.

With WIP's departure the staff has been re-organized to help us better achieve our goals...

Administrative Team
Holbert - Site Administrator
kentona - Community Administrator
Ankylo - IT Administrator

Site Team
Karsuman - Content Manager
Magi - Games
Max McGeee - Reviews

Community Team
brandonabley - Podcast Host
McDohl - Podcast Host

We are looking to hire several individuals to round out our content team. Specifically, we are looking for more individuals to write articles, reviews and keep the frontpage updated on a regular basis, and possibly section managers as we look to expand our content to cover the various game engines. Do not bother applying if you will not be able to devote a fixed amount of time to RMN. We have had far too much of that! If you are interested in this, contact me via e-mail at and we will be in contact.

The second big drive for RMN will be for bugz! We will be looking for any suggestions to improve the current state of RMN, not limited to bug reports, policy suggestions, desired features, etc. A separate topic will be created for this.

The Emperor is dead. Long live the Emperor!


Dear netizens,

I am in the process of relocating to Iowa City, Iowa and thus will be without such essential services as internet and cable until further notice. In my stead, Ankylo has been appointed to keep WIP in check and to keep the server running.

Signing off,

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