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Executive Decision 69.4.2 - NSFW

My fellow RMN'ers.

The executive council has come to the decision to disallow sexually suggestive images, avatars and/or signatures. While we regret that we must take this liberty from our netizens, recently there has been a rash of overly suggestive material appearing on our forums. This is not meant to censor images of beautiful women or of tasteful artwork, but we will no longer allow the mindless sexualization of our forums. We have many young teens that we do not want to expose to this sort of nonsense, but, more importantly, we have many old men here who are tired of getting slapped by their significant others because they think we are looking at porn.

This will be enforced on a case-by-case basis. Moderators will be using their own judgment. Initially, infractions will only cause for the offending image to be edited out, but continual abuse of this policy will lead to more severe punishment.


Holbert I
The Shadow Emperor of RMN

Obama '08 Fund Razor

This is that inevitable post where the mythical Holbert, long since dead, and oft-rumored to never have existed, revives long enough to post a short political message and goes back to lurking.

So, I started this Obama fundraiser page, hosted on I was asked by some generic e-mail to join Obama's Grassroots Finance Committee and raise $1,000 for Barack Obama, so he can spend that money kicking ass and calling John McCain an old, illiterate warmonger on TV. I was all like, "I'm game!" and then decided to pretend to be an overachiever and raise $5000, because that would be totally one-part pretentious and also two-part awesome.

Click here to donate:

One house, one spouse: Obama-Biden '08.

Note: Thanks to WIP, who was the first donater.


Hopefully everyone here is nerdy enough to realize that the Mars Phoenix Lander finally landed on the Martian North Pole today (you can currently watch the stream of images coming in at nothing too exciting yet). I think this is pretty cool but also fairly dissappointing as us Earthlings have been launching probes there since the 1960's with only about a 50% success rate and a lot of questions remaining.

NASA has been trying to rev up support for future space projects such as returning to the moon, a manned mission to Mars and a possible permanant space "colony" on the Moon in the next few decades. Where do you folks stand on this? Irrelevant? Inevitable?

For me, I believe it to be inevitable and also fascinating. The biggest disagreement I have with Barack Obama is he plans to cut NASA funding for some educational programs. I want my Mars colony, damn it!

It's the economy, stupid.

So brandonabley and I were quabbling in another post about the economy (ironically, in a forum that had little to do with the economy) and he suggested we have an economy thread. So let's do it.

I'll start out with some econ theory. I really want to focus on supply-side economics because, well, they don't work. For those of you caught unawares, this is a macroeconomic theory made popular by Ronald Reagan during his presidency. The general gist of it is that those who believe in supply-side economic believe the government should have extremely low tax rates for corporations and wealthy individuals, which, in their mind, would cause the economy to grow through increased saving and from economic development.

This is the same mentality that President Bush has advocated (though much less charismatically) and that now John McCain is being forced to believe to secure his nomination.

The problem is it doesn't really work.

Reagan used his popular vote mandate to force these ideas through, along with dismantling regulatory agencies. We were in a recession at the beginning of his term, and after a few years the supply-side economics were put into place we experienced a decent rise in the total economy. In fact, the total numbers show that it was perhaps the third best decade in modern history for the economy, trailing only the 1960's and the 1990's. That means it works, right?

Well, it did on paper, but it hides a lot of facts.

The actual growth during this period all benefited wealthy investors. Real wages for normal workers were depressed. Unemployment was still at 5% (about what it is now in our recession, compared to 4% in the 1990's). The poverty rate was still at about 13%, compared to 9% in the Clinton administration. The tax cuts for the wealthy and the military buildup ballooned our federal deficit like at no other period in our history (except for Bush).

Oh, and it lead to another recession at the end of George H.W. Bush's term.

In short, supply-side economics is great for wealthy investors and executives and terrible for everybody else.

I am a strong believer in the free market, but I also think it has to be regulated and fair to insure it remains free. I don't support the welfare state, but I also don't support corporate welfare. Supply-side economics have given corporations unfair advantages in the market and the benefits have went exclusively to the wealthy.

During the 1970's, a CEO of a corporation might make 40 times that of his or her average worker. Today a CEO makes approximately 400 times as much as his or her average worker.

And it just keeps getting worse. Capital gains are now only taxed at 15% while the average citizen pays nearly 35% of their check towards taxes. For a comparison, during the Reagan period they lowered capital gains to 28% while raising the average citizen's rates to 28%. Then the capital gains tax was lowered again to 20% and now 15%. This doesn't even include the caps on social security taxes for those making over $90,000 a year. And we wonder why the program is failing - the people with the most money aren't paying in.

Neo-conservatives say they stand against redistributing wealth, but it appears to me that is exactly what they are doing - to their advantage of the wealthy.

Sorry for the long rant, but hopefully it will generate some discussion.

Attention: Gaming World Refugees

I am glad you have found (or rediscovered) our humble little abode. We hope you will find here what was taken from you elsewhere. I can assure you that we don't agree with what happened, how it happened, or the people that are making it happen.

However, we'd prefer if all the anti-GW sentiments was kept in private discussions (Well, not all. Some of it is funny! We've done our fair share in the past.). We're kind of drama free here, and we like it that way.

RMN is currently in the process of being revised to RMNv3. If you guys have any suggestions, be sure to drop a post in the feedback section.



This is so awesome even though I know Rocky loses.


Effectively immediately, I am resigning my position as whatever it is I do around here, which, quite honestly, isn't much of anything. My daily activities at RMN have been relegated to posting on the forums semi-regularly and occassionally laying down the law with random noobs.

I will retain all business and hardware aspects of the site, from billing, server management, technical support, billing, advertisements, etc. The domain itself will be properly transferred to WIP before it expires on 12/31/2008. In essence, the domain will officially belong to WIP and I will just be hosting it.

There are many reasons for this departure, but the two most prominent are a lack of time and a lack of interest. I have been in the rpgmaker community since 1998, managing or hosting many prominent community websites, but I never actually released a project. Furthermore, I have barely touched a rpgmaker game over the last year.

In real life, I am a manager for a multi-million dollar business, a full-time college student (dean's list!), loving husband, and father of a very active little girl. As of next month, I will also be the treasurer and secretary for the local Chamber of Commerce. I am focusing a lot more of my time on non-profit and community activities in preparation to try to get into graduate school. You guys all think I'm kidding when I say I want to be President of the United States, but I'm dead serious! Starscream 2032!

I regret that I could not bring the time and energy into RMN that I once brought to previous sites like The NeXus. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the rpgmaker community, even meeting many members in person. The scene has grown by leaps and bounds since I joined in 1998. At that time it was just a few underground forums and some half-translated software patches. Today it's an emerging hobby and we actually have commercial games being released now.

My special thanks go to WIP, who in addition to being sort of a sidekick for nearly a decade, has also been one of my best friends for quite a while. I look forward to seeing the implementation of all the cool ideas he's been working on for RMN v3.

And, finally, a message to shadowcorporation. Do not think that while the cat is away, the mice will play. I will hunt you down!

Release Something! Day [Discussion Thread]

I made this topic because kentona did not.

Discuss the various games available from the Release Something! contest and so on and so forth.

Go forth and prosper.

Executive Decision 19.1.6 (c) iii - BCB

November 8th, 2007

To our netizens,

This decision/signing statement may also be known as BCB - Bad Content Ban. It is an addition to kentona's game and review submission rules, found at

The aforementioned game policy, while much more effective than our previous policy (if only because we didn't have one), had one glaring fault: as long as you met the basic criteria, we would approve your content, no exceptions. Ladies and gentlemen, that day is over.

Effective immediately, we will only approve content that we deem worthy. We reserve the right to reject your submitted content on the basis that it sucks. Only content that is believed to be of a certain level of quality will be approved by our moderation team, else they face the wrath of my future ex-wife.

What does this mean for the average user? Well, nothing really. This is not meant to be a form of censorship and we're not going to actively looking for reasons to deny your content. The vast majority of our users here generate decent enough discussion and submit good enough work. However, it does mean we will refuse to be a breeding ground for spastic noob submissions. Chances are if you're new to the rpgmaker scene, your first few submissions will be denied until you catch up to speed.

However, there won't be any "lol no" comments. We'll specify what is wrong and give you the opportunity to correct it.


Robert Holbert I, The Conquerer
First and Much Beloved Emperor,
RPG Maker Network

Executive Decision 4.26c section 8.

rockstargames is hereby determined to be shadowcorp, who was decided to be grod4567. It's all getting terribly confusing at this point.

The entire Qwest Salt Lake City hostmask is now banned. If this affects someone who is not shadowcorp, let me know via an e-mail. It's a drastic measure, but we must cut off the arm to save the body.

Unfortunately, our ban code is kind of wonky and they will still have access to the main site. All moderators are informed not to accept any content from them, and we will need to purge the existing content.

RMN must be saved, no matter the cost.