Conquest is made from the ashes of one's enemies.


Executive Decision 3.2b - We're Not For Homework

To whom it may concern,

Please don't submit your spanish homework to our site as a game. While we feel a great deal of pity for you for not having access to any form of portable storage (usb thumbdrive, cd-r, hell, in this case even a 1.44" floppy), we cannot be distracted by such silly things. If this happens again, I will not be so pleasant next time.

Self-styled Supreme Commander of RMN

PS. You know who you are.

Executive Decision 2.1 - Age Requirements

shadowcorporation and his brother dragon are now banned from all RMN user activities.

There was not a single most important reason for this, however shadowcorporation has had a plethora of minor offenses, including advocating the use of illegally translated RMXP files, which, of course, we do not support.

In addition to this, it has been discovered through their postings and profiles that the users in question were ages 11 and 9 respectively. While I would praise our community for our relative maturity when compared to other RPG Maker sites, I have a hard time believing all of our content is appropriate for children. Allowing them to continue posting would also be a violation of the US's COPPA laws.

(COPPA requires children under the age of 13 to obtain parent's consent before joining an online community in addition to requiring the site to keep detailed records of this)

This is setting a precedence. No users under the age of 13 will be allowed to contribute to user areas of our site. This will eventually be automatically enforced via software, but for now it will be dealt with on a case by case basis. In addition we will continue our support of legally obtained versions of RMXP. We, however, will continue with our "amnesty" policy towards programs never released in english speaking countries, such as RM2K and RM2K3.

The New Deal

The madness has ended. I have sucessfully driven WIP to the shores of Africa, where he met his demise. With the former consul out of the way, I set the stage to become RMN's dictator for life.

In reality WIP is just not able to contribute much to the site at current time. He is still planning to add some new features (and to fix some old bugs), but as of right now he has other, more pressing, priorities. So, I will resume my former duties as commander-in-chief until such a time when WIP can turn his attentions back to the site. Any policy or technical questions can now be directed to me in WIP's absence, and I see that kentona has been doing a fine job on the content end of the deal.

I hope to hammer out a new game/content policy soon, which shall be my legacy. Any thoughts or comments or what you would like to see? Obviously without a policy on this we have no consistancy as staff members on what to approve or disapprove. Because of this sometimes good games get turned away, and, more often than not, really bad games make it through. I hope to fix that.

I, for one, welcome our new Starscreamian overlords.

Blue Dragon

I finally got Blue Dragon today, and that was a story within itself. Lets just say UPS delivered it to a wrong location and I had to interrogate a small mexican boy Jack Bauer style to learn of its location.

I'm only a few hours into the game but I'm really digging it. The visual style is really annoying, but no more so than it was in Dragon Quest VIII and Dragon Ball Z. The graphics themselves look nice though. The music is excellent so far (though I've been told by many the boss tune coming up is the worst ever, though Gredlen swears it is awesome) and harkens back to the 16 bit era of Final Fantasy. The actual gameplay is more in line with what you would expect from Dragon Quest, however.

The class system is pretty sweet and I'm really enjoying the random battles. Running around a map and trying to make different types of random monsters attack each other, then cleaning up the mess (literally) is quite amusing. I've never played a game where you scooped up poo looking for gold before.

I'm not expecting anything majorly innovative in the storyline department as it looks like it'll be a standard generic epic revolving around the rebirth of magic and ancient technology. Some say the characters suck, but they're all actually pretty well refined. I guess it would be better to say the character development sucks, as all of their personalities are already carved into stone by the time the game takes place. The worst thing about the game is the main character, Shu, sounds like he's voiced by a woman trying to sound like a young male kid. It doesn't work at all. The rest of them sound OK though.

So far it's a nice, glossy old school RPG with a few innovative systems to keep things fresh. I would definitely recommend to any (j)RPG fans.

MOVED: Some art for fun.

RMN Administrator Status

Hello folks,

Couple of comings and going ons. Firstly, I have returned after a short hiatus due to temporarily relocating for training at my new job. (Cheers)

Second, kentona has been promoted to a site administrator. His tireless efforts to increase activity at RMN, whether out of dedication or insanity, have not gone unnoticed. Commence with blaming him for all of RMN's problems! (Boos)

Lastly, in the admin reshuffling iishenron and Trihan has been removed as administrators. Those two folks are very classy, but are very busy and not able to contribute to the site as much as the position entails. Here's hoping they finish their respective projects (Queen's Court, Tundra) and have more free time to participate in the future. (Cheers)

The scary world of Starscream

I'm just here to whore out my new website. I'm not sure if it's against our advertising rules or not, but I don't care. Basically I started it because I want a place to rant. There's not a lot of content there yet and there is still a lot of tweaks to be done with the theme. However, I have progressed a lot further on it than I have on my other failures. I'm looking for some feedback, mostly on design issues but you can disagree with my opinions as well!
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