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Starless Umbra

I've been meaning to post an archive of all major releases; you are welcome of course to share those too. <3

Awesome. I have a couple of different versions, even ones from before you began dabbling with DynRPG, and unless it's lost to data corruption I may even have a version of Dragonheart CH2 lying around somewhere ;)

But here is the latest (9.8.12) version of Starless Umbra I have saved away on a hard drive from before the current revamp. It's not a virus, I promise. Enjoy guys!

Edit: Just realized I left my save files in there, lol whoops. Enjoy anyway!

Starless Umbra 9.8.12 Download

Starless Umbra

0 of 10 episodes complete.....I got this feeling this is not ever going to be completed.
No offense lol, but that's a really awful attitude to have. Comments like aren't nescessary. We should be encouraging each-other in this community; especially people like DHM who have poured in nearly a decade of work.
Ok look i know this is a free game and it looks really fun and great but that just makes it more painful to see after a "decade of work" it has zero ZERO episodes done now maybe I'm missing something but does that not mean it's not even 10% done?
After a decade i would think the game would be close to being done or at least half way.
Anyway even if it is finished at this rate it maybe 30-50 years till it's done.
and by then i maybe died :(
sorry guy, this often happens with someone's magnum opus. this game has been gutted and redone several times, so a decade's worth of work doesn't necessarily translate to quantifiable linear progression. if you have seen his significantly older versions of this game, you'd be able to understand how impressive his updates are. the amount of technical feats this guy has accomplished in rm2k3 using events is staggering and eventually he came to terms with the fact that he has outgrown the engine to start his own. sometimes passion takes time

Agreed. You can actually go back though and experience more of the game the way it was, it felt like we were swiftly moving toward the endgame. I'm sure someone has an old version posted somewhere. I have it. With DHM's blessing I'd gladly send it to you.

The Cicatrix (Formerly Hero I: Ephren's Journey)

This was actually really cool! It definitely reminds me of old-school Ara Fell (in regards to the quality of production). If you're going to continue working on the project though Loot Cave has a lot of stutter (I'm assuming because of the fog etc.) - and the day/night system didn't really do anything for my experience other than irritate me, haha.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check it out! I'm glad you enjoyed it somewhat. I agree about the Day / night system. Pausing everything to switch it was super intrusive but at the time I couldn't think of another way to have certain NPCs switch in front of the player's eyes, you know?

Should I do more work on it I'll look into Loot Cave. Thanks :)

The Cicatrix (Formerly Hero I: Ephren's Journey)

Hey man, grabbing it now!

Enjoy! Good or bad, be sure to let me know what you think. It's an old project so I'm not that attached, aka rip it a new asshole if you want. But I'm interested to see what people think of it.

The Cicatrix (Formerly Hero I: Ephren's Journey)

Just came across this page, I'm loving what I'm seeing so far.

It's awesome as well to see another game of this stature being made with Rm2k3, subscribed for sure :)

Hi there, welcome! This was a game I started work on like 9 years ago. As time went by, life got busy, and my interests faded and changed.. it was hard to keep up. But the demo that I put up recently has a couple years' worth of work to enjoy. I hope you like it! If there's enough interest maybe I'll return to working on it, but for the time being it was Tau (poster above) that was interested in playing it so that's why I quickly polished a few things and got the demo back out :)

First Update in YEARS

This brings me back, good to see you again B)

Welcome back :) cheers for nostalgia haha

First Update in YEARS

I had my eye on this game and got really disappointed when I found out it became a dead project. When this came up in my notices, I was just like "whoah!".

Thank you for your support! Sorry you had to wait this long :(

he lives

Hey Kentona! Hope you're well, dude. Yeah, it's been a while..



I would send you a copy but it's been updated and it needs to be moleboxed again. At some point I'll have an actual release :|


Yeah, it's pretty huge :|