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Want to edit your game's entire text all at once? Simple + Easy -- DreaMaker (RM2k/3/XP Text extractor tool)

EDIT: Thanks to MarcL for realizing what I was looking for and posting the download. You can get DreaMaker here:

It will say german when you download it, but it is in english. Click and drag the DreaMaker.exe to your game folder. Simply follow steps 1 and 2, Then open up the dialogue.txt notepad file and edit your text, (save over the old dialogue file) and then follow steps 3 and 4 to replace your maps. ALWAYS CREATE A BACKUP OF YOUR GAME JUST IN CASE. If you are running Windows Vista/7, make sure you are right clicking everything and running as administrator so that DreaMaker can make the necessary folders/file operations.

Good luck.

Old post: Hey guys. Back in the day there used to be a tool (I believe I got it from one of GamingWorld's tool threads) that would extract all the rm2k3 text into a wordpad file, allowing you to say, edit the entire game's text and then re-inject it back into the maker.

It made changing character's names and so forth really easy in long projects.

Does anyone remember the name of this tool, (I think it started with a D...) and can someone link me to it?

Thanks for any help.

Hero:Chronicles of Rose

Welcome to the new Hero:Chronicles of Rose Topic.
This game is copyrighted and has nothing to do with Rose Chronicles.

The story follows Seth, the main protaganist as he ventures to find the truth, and his family.

The year is 1660 in the world of Rose. The world has been in peace for the last 20 years; However, Void has plans of his own. He attacks Cyrania, thye largest country on the planet; the home of Seth Lorei, and the other members of the Rune Divine clan. In a futile effort, King Leor has tried to escape with his family, consisting of himself, his wife Ciladis, and his 16 1/2 year old son, Seth. But Void has cornered and outsmarted him! How could one man have enough of an army to conquer all of Cyrania!? The last thing King Leor can do is send his son south, to the peaceful and neglected island of Lorhka. What will become of Leor and Ciladis? What challenges will Seth alone face? What will happen to the peaceful and beautiful planet of Rose when Void crowns himself king!? Will Seth ever meet his parents again?



Name: Seth Lorei
Nickname: Sethaeis (seth-ayy-iss) meaning 'Seth prince' in Rune divine language.
Age: 161/2
Gender: Male
Weapon/Element: Ice sword, Thunder skills
Combat knowledge: Good. Has been trained in the arts of fighting by his father.
Parents: Leor and Ciladis; the king and queen of Cyrania.
Info: Seth is an average hard working kid, although his dad is a little tough on him, and what he does for his father never seems good enough for him. He's been raised all his life like an average kid, with average talents. Nothing about him seems special... But he's more than he seems. The only strange thing he can ever recall, was his coming of age ceremony at age 13. Gifted with special golden armlets and a prince's circlet; but he never suspected anything different about it.

Name: Leor Lorei
Nickname: 'King' Unbeknownst to most, he is the real king Of Cyrania.
Age: Mid 30's
Gender: Male
Weapon/Element: Sword, Holy skills
Combat knowledge: Excellent. One of the greatest warriors in Cyrania.
Parents: Unknown, ancestors of the Lorei blood line, past Kings and Queens.
Info: Leor's father died when he was very young, In that sense, Leor never knew what a father was like. Because of this, he has nothing to suspect of Seth, other than relating him and his knowledge to himself when he was that age. Leor went off to train for war when he was in his early twenties, and by a rather strange accident, recieved a strange scar that runs vertically up to his left eye.

Name: Ciladis Lorei
Nickname: 'Queen' The real queen of Cyrania
Age: Mid 30's
Gender: Female
Weapon/Element: Healing skills
Combat knowledge: Little to none. She has been trained in the arts of healing.
Parents: Unknown, ancestors of a noble blood line of Cyrania.
Info: Ciladis is a great mother, comforting, helping, and always there for Seth. She's always healed his wounds and told him the right things. She raised him the best she could, and taught him all she knows.

Name: Reya of the Lorhka Tribe
Nickname: Unknown
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Weapon/Element: Rods, Healing skills
Combat knowledge: Little to none. She has been trained in the arts of healing.
Parents: Sara and Nellin of the Lorhka tribe. (Sara deceased.)
Info: When Reya was younger, her parents fought a lot and she witnessed a tragic event. Upon divorce Reya's sister Laura went with her father; however, He returned for Reya, and ended up killing Reya's mother in front of her. This traumatic experience troubled her dearly, although she's over it now. At a young age her clan found that she had wonderful synergy abilities, and she was trained in the arts of healing partly by an elder in the clan. She has very good eyes and often wanders away from the village to collect herbs and roots for healing potions.

Name: Max
Nickname: 'Maxy' called to by females who know him.
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Weapon/Element: Axes, Fire
Combat knowledge: Excellent. He's trained all his life with his brother.
Parents: Unknown. Members of a tribe who were killed off years before.
Info: Max spent all his life not knowing who his parents were. The only person that's ever been close to him was his brother. They helped eachother train, and survive in the wild; while travelling. Max has great Synergy abilities and is able to levitate small objects with his mind. He's been travelling around searching... for someone.

Name: Cillaen (sill-in)
Nickname: Unknown
Age: Mid 20's
Gender: Male
Weapon/Element: Broadsword, Ice
Combat knowledge: Excellent. He's trained all his life.
Parents: Unknown. Ancestors of Cyrania who fled the country long ago.
Info: Cillaen follows strict laws and codes. He wants to be an enforcer, or a vigilante wandering the world but following and teaching the rules to live by and follow. He's travelled to Lorhka Isle on a hunch, as well as patience to see the Ceremony of Swords.

Name: Wind
Nickname: Unknown
Age: 191/2
Gender: Male
Weapon/Element: Shortsword, Wind
Combat knowledge: Excellent. He's trained all his life.
Parents: Gracia and Carlin.
Info: Wind was exiled from the Rune divine clan at age 161/2 when other members found that his father was not of the clan. Wind portrays certain genes of the clan, silvery hair and very wise, but he gets his green eye colors and his powerful sword skills from his father's clan, Moon.

Name: May
Nickname: Unknown
Age: 17 1/2
Gender: Female
Weapon/Element: Shard daggers, Water.
Combat knowledge: Medium. She's helped defend Aura Isle.
Parents: Members of Aura who left her at age 18.
Info: May rarely got to see her parents when she was little due to them working full shifts at Aura castle. She was raised properly by her grandmother, who died when she was 15. As a birthday gift, her grandfather gave her shard daggers that had been a family heirloom for hundreds of years. He taught her to fight and protect herself and Aura Island.

Name: Ray
Nickname: 'Veist' Those who aren't close to him call him this.
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Weapon/Element: Sword, Darkness, Lightning.
Combat knowledge: Excellent. Has trained and planned to explore the world.
Parents: Unknown
Info: He's very calm, quiet and collected. He loves exploring and the art of swordsmanship. Him and his fiance were going to explore the world.

Name: Flare
Nickname: Unknown
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Weapon/Element: Sword, Earth.
Combat knowledge: Medium. Trains and flirts with women.
Parents: Members of the Moon clan, long deceased.
Info: Arrogant and a flirt, Flare is one of the few humorous characters that gets his tail whipped in battles, but is actually a good swordsman. It is said that his father was of the moon clan, and Flare represents some characteristics but no one is really sure. He is good with synergy, but often uses it to flirt from across the room.

Name: Lars
Nickname: Unknown
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Weapon/Element: Sword, Uknown.
Combat knowledge: Excellent. Aura's chief commander.
Parents: Marie and Erick
Info: At a young age he was taken into Aura castle because of his fighting skills. His father taught him most of his life and he has spent most of his life honing his skills and guarding Aura Island. Although sometimes moody and aggrivating, he is usually a great man that people look up to.

Name: Nils
Nickname: Unknown
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Weapon/Element: Sword, Darkness.
Combat knowledge: Excellent.
Parents: None. Closest is Void.
Info: Nils doesn't know where he's from, or who his parents were. All he knows is that he owes his life to Void, and follows his every command. When Void brings him to conquer Cyrania, and then sends him to find Seth, it is shown he has powerful dark synergy and can invade minds to find information and location of the person. He's good with his hands and fast at healing.

Name: Kailer
Nickname: Kai
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Weapon/Element: Sword, Darkness.
Combat knowledge: Excellent.
Parents: Unknown.
Kailer was a mercenary, travelling from place to place making as much as he could to live off of. When Void hired him full time for a home and 3 meals a day, he was excited. Never before had someone hired him permanently. Kailer was very happy with Void and will fight to the death for him. It is because of Void that Kailer's synergy powers were activated, from his genes. When he was born, he recieved the synergy genes, but they remained dormant in his DNA.

Name: Void
Nickname: none.
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Weapon/Element: Dark magic.
Combat knowledge: Excellent.
Parents: Unknown.
Info: Void is ruthless, and evil. He's spent his whole life recruiting the best of the best and conquering parts of Rose. His plan was to conquer Cyrania and usurp the throne, but the castle was wrecked in the attacks, and he's currently chasing after someone a prophecy told him about.


Aura Castle with its ABS scene!



Seth and May

2k3 Enhanced DBS up and running!

Seth, Reya, and Max in battle.

-Duelling System (3 Duels in demo)
-a scene with an ABS
-Enhanced '2k3 battle system
-Minigames and cave puzzles
-Skill learning system
-Running system
-Blinking system
-Herblore system
-Mini bosses and bosses
-Interactive choice minigames (like the court one)
-'Press the button minigame' (2 times in demo)
-Relationship system


The game is approx. 1 hour and 40 minutes long.
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cor v3.0r.rar - 20.48MB

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