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Master of the Wind
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Master of the Wind

You are almost there. Perhaps there is a section of the room that you could stack the two smaller boxes on top of?
Got it. Thanks! This is probably the most epic of RPGs. The story is intricate and vast. Character backstories are rich and detailed. I can't even imagine how many hours of work must have gone into this...

Thanks it took several years but I'm glad to see over a decade later people are still playing it.

Master of the Wind

There's a room where you have to light the torches, but bats keep flying by and blowing them out. There are three boxes, one tall and two short. You can block one path of the bats with the tall box. The other path can't be blocked because the short boxes aren't tall there some way to stack them? I've tried everything I can think of.

You are almost there. Perhaps there is a section of the room that you could stack the two smaller boxes on top of?

Master of the Wind

It looks like a permission issue. Try launching the game as Administrator. That seems to have resolved the issue for other games with similar issues.


I guess they thought they could buy the domain AND host it through the same account without me noticing. Pretty bold move. Not sure why they deleted the domain too though.

Cope Island: Adrift

The using skills without sufficient points and nothing happening is kind of a deal with the devil I made. See, it greatly makes the game flow smoother. It's so you can predict when points will be added so you can use skills without waiting for the next turn. I'd rather have a message that appears that says "You did not have enough Weapon Points." or something but I don't know how to lol. It's a weight on my heart. :S

I realized that later once I was able to act more than once per turn which made combat feel much more tactical. But the lack of feedback when I tried to use a skill and didn't have sufficient points didn't sit right with me. If you need help getting that implemented send me a DM and we can get that weight lifted. <3

Cope Island: Adrift

This game has come along way since the 2014 entry. I was happy to see that when I beat the game I had barely scratched the surface. I need to play more to write a review but I'm very intrigued how the routes you take affect the outcome.

Some random notes:

Nice low res pixel art. Really nice music.
Lock description weapon has an extra o
Sfx are very low volume by default.
Maybe a way to personalize the experience more like in Earthbound in the beginning?
You can use skills if you don't have enough power but nothing happens? Not very good feedback.
Passability error on bottom of beach trial map:
No good indicator of which turn you're on. If you back out of a turn you might not realize which one you're on.
There is a lot more to the game after first beating it!
The droplet turning into flood surprised me. Love the new music!

Talk about RM Games! Mid-Year Misao Discussion Topic

Let's talk about Cope Island. No, not the 2014 IGMC entry that got a lot of hate because it dared to use RTP and still won 3rd place in the RPG category. The commercial version that just got released on Steam.

The game markets itself as a journey of self improvement but it has a lot more going for it. It has fast paced turn based combat, rogue lite elements, and multiple branching paths. It's one of those games that you play through once and realize you haven't scratched the surface. I can't even talk about the coolest aspects of the game without spoilers.

Unfortunately the $9.99 price tag will probably prevent most ppl on here from playing it but there is a demo on the RMN page:

Afterword - Part I

The contract more or less vanished as Degica ghosted me.

I feel partially responsible for this and it really bums me out. I was hired by Degica as a publishing producer after the 2014 IGMC and was part of the team that decided which titles to move forward with publishing. We evaluated all the winning titles, including Cope Island. Most of the team really liked the writing, battle system, and music, but we agreed it needed a graphical overhaul. I believe at some point we decided not to move forward with publishing the title but clearly this was not communicated to you and I want to apologize for that.

It makes me really happy to see that you persevered despite all the adversity and managed to not only complete this version of the game but self publish it as well. I'm looking forward to playing Adrift and seeing what has changed since 2014. I'm not working at Degica anymore but if you ever feel in need of marketing advice please feel free to DM me.

Those Wings You like Are Coming Back in Style

It's good to hear from you Cash. I do think I remember having that conversation but the details elude me as well. We've been discussing Hope Valley since 2015 and the project has morphed and evolved since then. We were discussing doing a remake of X-Noir first to ease our way back in to commercial development. We'll see how far we get.

Those Wings You like Are Coming Back in Style

Thanks NS. It's really comforting to know that even after five years of inactivity I can make a blog post on an inactive project and you'll still reply within an hour with the same level of excitement as if we never left. I honestly don't know how many people would care to see a X-Noir remake. Maybe 10 if I'm being generous? It would be more a way for us to dip our toes back into make commercial games using material that's already been tested and we can build upon. It also ties in with Labyrinthine Dreams nicely.

I'm glad you enjoyed the combat. Having played through 3 cases the combat is actually pretty good by VX Ace standards. But it's one thing if you removed the game wouldn't be worse off and might even be improved.

The AA games put more emphasis on using evidence that you collect when investigating a crime scene and gathering information to then use in a court when you're cross examining witnesses and finding contradictions in their testimonies. The Investigation series, which is a spinoff, takes place outside court and has most of the same mechanics as the AA games to prove probable cause and obtain an arrest warrant which would be closer to what would be happening in X-Noir. There would also be a focus on puzzles as well of course!

Thematically we might approach the game differently as well. Calling it "X-Noir" probably gave people the impression it would be more modeled after a classic film noir. We were going for more of a neo noir vibe with sci-fi elements like X-Files. Noirs tend to either have a black and white aesthetic or a look of being underexposed where even a scene outside on a sunny day looks dark. There is also a fatalistic tone where it feels like the universe is conspiring agains the protagonist which Eddie certainly believed but the game didn't really convey. After all, he was going up against homicidal mutants and killer robots with barely a scratch and had a lot of support from his friends.

Once we start pre-production we'll probably setup a general Discord. I've done that for other projects I've produced and it's a great way to keep the team on the same page. I'll send you an invite once it's up.