I like badasses. I like babes. I like badass babes the best. Okay...actually I like doggoes the very best, but I aspire to make games about badass babes is my point.

I use music from bands and artists in the free games I make: the frustrated filmmaker in me is very enamored of scoring scenes with rock'n'roll soundtracks Scorcese or Tarantino style. In addition to being a time honored tradition in cinema, this has a history in AAA videoogames as well (for a really great use of it, see Bioshock: Infinite). If I was a millionaire, I'd totally license these songs so I could actually use them legally.
2018: A Doge Odyssey
Smoke Space Grass and go on an astral vision quest with your dog, then it gets weird.


05/21/2018 10:54 AM

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