man, pretty much all I do is listen to anti flag and make angry, angry queer little political games and-- actually no, that's about it.


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Look, if you set a sheep on fire and hurl it with a trebuchet, naturally it's going to die.
You should also watch cute animal videos. And do some fun exercise, like dancing or hiking or something else you like. :D
well, technically I also walk my own doge, which kind of counts as both. for instance, yesterday I took him for a walk that was a mile there and a mile back, except he, having been pent up inside way too long over the last week, decided it was a run instead! good thing he's <30 lbs but he can still pull surprisingly hard enough so that when he gets in a "gogogogogogogo" mood he can pretty much drag my fat ass and it's easier to just settle into a jog than fight him lol.

actually my twatter account is calibrated to serve me up random images/vids of cute animals on the regs too, but that doesn't outweigh the overall negative psychological impact of being on twitter.
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