I'm surprised that I'm surprised that there is so much borderline/actual porn clogging up's top sellers.


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yeah, apparently sex doesn't just sell, it's in about 45% of top selling games on itch, at least across certain categories. so one could almost infer that sex is almost half of what sells, period.
Oh no, not the Hall of Death again! The only way out of here is death!
I'd argue it's less that sex sells and more that sex markets better.
Have you seen the kickstarters for these types of games? Boom, fully funded in a day or two.
dunno what porn you're looking at if you consider games like Art Sqool and Lucah to be porn.
dunno what porn you're looking at if you consider games like Art Sqool and Lucah to be porn.


I meant shit like this.
(both links very very very NSFW)
And this.

4th & 3rd row of top sellers on itch.

And I saw at least a half dozen others w/o looking for them.
Well, keep in mind that easily accessible places for buying indie porn games without getting trojans and a billion ads on your screen are few and far between. I don't blame them for jumping on If leafo doesn't care, good on him and good on them for making their monetary dreams a reality.

I'd totally make a porn game... under another name. If I haven't already. You wouldn't know now, would you? ;p

This effect is basically what causes me to click on like 95% of the hyperlinks I click on: obviously marketers have found out that the most people will click through on a thumbnail of nice tits even if the content on the other end could not have less to do with hot babes. The ol' boobies bait-and-switch. I've been aware of it as a cynical advertising tactic for at least a decade now but the hilarious thing is that I still keep falling for it every so often.


Well now I've got to assume you HAVE...


Yeah, no shame and no shade on the smut peddlers putting their lovely handcrafted smut on this platform. And you make a good point about most online sources of porn being, well, about as safe for your computer as barebacking a $20 whore is for your privates.

Like the initial status says, I'm not even surprised, I'm surprised that I'm surprised.

The only thing I'm disappointed in is that so many Itch customers are using the platform to buy porn that it's infested the top sellers.
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