I like badasses. I like babes. I like badass babes the best. Okay...actually I like doggoes the very best, but I aspire to make games about badass babes is my point.

Oh yes: I USE COMMERCIAL AND/OR "POPULAR" MUSIC (i.e. with LYRICS) THAT I LIKE IN MY NON-COMMERCIAL GAMES. Deal. It's a time honored tradition in cinema and has a history in AAA videoogames as well (for a really great use of it, see Bioshock: Infinite).
Road To Paradise - The S...
A US Special Forces team is about to encounter an otherworldly threat they never could have imagined.


Passability And Dashing

Let's say that I want to change the run button to the fly button and make it so that you can fly over SOME but NOT ALL terrain that would normally be impassable so long as you are flying (dashing).

How hard would something like that be to script? I imagine you'd want to link it to the 63 Regions that Ace has. 63 is a really specific number.

(Yes, I'm pretty sure there's theoretically a way to accomplish this through eventing, but it wouldn't come out as pretty.)

Edit: I forgot to put VX Ace in the title, and now it won't let me/I don't know how. Sorry. VX Ace.

[RMVX ACE] compression my eternal nemesis

Anyone know of any alternatives to the built-in encryption?

My game is throwing a bitch-fit when I compress it into an encrypted archive, unzip that archive, and play it...specifically it's throwing a RGSS error on line 106 or 107 in the 'Cache' script. "Failed to create bitmap"

God Damnit. I am pretty sure this is the encryption at work. Apparently, I learned, by finding an artifact of myself, I have tangled with this issue in the path. The reason mine threw an error on line 107 and everyone else's I googled threw an error on line 106 is that line 106 of 'Cache' was now a commented out string of expletives. I must have been quite frustrated when attempting to troubleshoot this in the past. I vaguely remember being forced to release the game open.

Is there any way to have the console open while playing (not test-playing) your game? I pasted in a scriptlet that allegedly did this but nothing happened. Very likely I put it the wrong place.

While I know that the built-in encryption is widely considered to be a joke, that's not why I want to know about alternatives to it. Rather, it's because I need to at the very minimum have the appearance of protecting my intellectual property, not to mention custom I art I paid actual money for and genuinely want to protect. And I want to get my shit out the door ASAP. But I really can't do it open this time. I don't care how shitty the encryption was, I just wanted the compression process not to break my shit!

I have a hunch it's something in the encryption that's mucking things up and also a vague hunch that it's CSCA Light Effects specifically that's making the failed to create bitmap error pop up. But I'm not sure about either thing so I'll keep debugging. In the meantime NEED DISTRIBUTION MEDIUM PLEASE HELP

edit: yeah it's definitely the encryption, an unencrypted package is working fine.

Regulated Semi-Hiatus

So I'm trying something (no idea if I will have the self-discipline to pull it off or if it will be beneficial in the long term) where I'm only going to be around here every other week. The reason is simple enough: there is real life stuff I've been neglecting to RM. Well, honestly this past week a fucking torrent of real life stuff made it so I couldn't find more than a few hours to gam mak, but you get my point.

So this week that's just started (Dec. 3 - Dec. 9) I will be gone. You should not see me post here, but I might log in once or twice over the course of the week to check and respond to PMs (since I have various outstanding commissions from various talented peeps). The following week, starting on December 10th, I'll be back, then I'll be gone again starting the week of December 17th, you get the idea. This weekly phasing in and out will last until the end of the year or I decide it's not working out for me, whichever comes later.

Stormy J. Crow esq.

P.S. I hope I put this in the right place. I kind of took the Introductions forum as extending to "Introductions & Farewells" and I figured this was the best place for this kind of thread.

Killing Nazis

Excuse plot requires/allows you to kill Nazis in great quantity and without a shred of mercy, but instead of one of the traditional Nazi-killers of video game history (i,e, BJ Blazkowicz, WWII Soldiers, WWII Spies, or I don't know, BloodRayne?) the premise is that you are going on a Nazi-killing spree as x.

Where x is the game you most want to design, what is x?

Sample Answers
An adult T-Rex
An AD&D Party Of Four Dwarves
A Dragon
Sailor Moon
A Predator, like from Predator
A Stereotypical J-RPG Party
The Terminator
Chuck Norris (current age)
One Punch Man

or your own choice those are just samples this is not a poll

Help me design a rappelling minigame!

So, I want the PCs to start the second episode rappelling quickly down through this crumbling semi-ruined tower dragon wizard's castle (man-made, in good repair). And for some reason the fact that it's not and CANNOT be 3D is really making me draw a blank. Now I know that tons of great 2D videogames, a lot of them sidescrollrs and platformers, have made great use of vertical space. But I'm having no specific example comes to mind on how one might be made in RPG Maker VX Ace and I'm pretty sure that technically between eventing scripts and plugins pretty much all the capabilities to do this are built into pretty much every RPG Maker hence the lack of a tag.

(ideas that don't require custom graphics are the best custom graphics are hard to source and i'm not an experienced pixeler)

[PAID] I Need A Bunch Of Faceset/Bust Edits

This is a two part job, because I need this done for two games. I'm starting out with the first game, Road To Paradise: The Staircase so everything in this OP refers to just that part of it.

This foxy silver-haired gentleman needs a more conservative haircut. Something that says "I am a professional CIA agent who knows the value of keeping a low profile" instead of "I am a generic anime character".
Agent Simmons

No need to change the clothes or expressions.

Then this lady scientist needs purple hair instead of black, and a more normal/professional blouse than the "hey-check-out-my-tits" steampunk corset thingy she's wearing under her labcoat now. (She is Japanese and steampunk fashion is very big in Japan but I definitely don't see her character as being that type.

Dr. Watanabe

(I know those are just the busts for her, but it's easy enough for me to port the faces from them to the faceset.)

I was thinking maybe $60.00 for the batch sounded reasonable but I have no idea how one makes prices for these things and I definitely didn't want to offend anyone with that figure. My budget is flexible (although before I shell out money dollars I'd like to see some good samples of this kind of work).

NOTE: These are from the Futuristic Heroes pack sold by Degica/Kadokawa. Nobody be a douche and steal them, plz, thx, k, otherwise Liberty becomes the flesh reaper and begins collecting torsos.

[RMVX ACE] Tsukihime's Scripts

On the links for the scripts (the ones I'm looking for are primarily Magic Units, Draw, and Magic Junction but I assume they're all like this) seem to lead to RPGMakerWeb threads which lead to dead Dropbox.

Did anyone save these and back them up as was done for Yanfly? This is an enormous treasure trove of scripts and it would be really a shame to lose all of them.

Killing People, Falling In Love, And Saving The 17???

The bog standard for Japanese RPGs is to have very, very young protagonists and I have never fully understood why. There's probably a facile and dismissive response about the Japanese being perverts to be made, but I am just enough of a weeb to wonder if maybe there's a deeper insight into the collective Japanese psyche to be found here?

Here are some character ages in some well known JRPGs by Squaresoft:
  • Final Fantasy VI - Locke Cole is 25 y.o. whereas Terra Branford is only 18 y.o. (I don't know if that's creepy or not, I didn't get far enough in VI to see if their romance goes anywhere; in any case, 7 years is a much bigger difference between an 18 y.o. and a 25 y.o. than say between a 25 y.o. and a 32 y.o.)
  • Final Fantasy VI - Gau is 13 y.o. but as he's essentially the same character as the Feral Child from "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior" he's kind of a special case.
  • Final Fantasy VI - Celes Chere is a GENERAL at age 18!?!?!? Also unrelated but is it me or is Beatrix from FFIX essentially the exact same character as Celes from FFVI?
  • Final Fantasy VI - Relm Arrowny - 10 y.o.!?!?!?
  • Final Fantasy VII - Yuffie - 16 y.o.
  • Final Fantasy VIII - Squall Leonheart - 17 y.o. (is inexplicably handed command of an elite paramilitary force by a 40 y.o. Cid Kramer!!!!)
  • Final Fantasy VIII - Rinoa Heartilly. Primary romantic love interest at 17 y.o.. FF8 is undeniably a game about minors fucking.
  • Final Fantasy VIII - Selphie, Zell, Irvine, and Seifer all also 17 y.o.
  • Final Fantasy VIII - Quistis Trepe - SOMEHOW IS MOST OF THE OTHER CHARACTERS' TEACHER IN SPITE OF BEING (wait for it) 18 y.o. and a year older than the class she is teaching at most. WHAT.
  • Final Fantasy IX - Zidane and Garnet are 16 y.o. I don't recall but I believe they also have a romantic subtext, correct me if I'm wrong.
  • Final Fantasy IX - Vivi appears 9, but is actually only five to six months old! Obviously he's a special case as he's essentially a magical bioweapon.
  • Final Fantasy X - The main protagonist and ostensibly the main love interest, Tidus and Yuna, are 17 y.o.
  • Final Fantasy X - Rikku 15 y.o.!!!

My question is not what the fuck, but my question is...WHY? What is it about young teenagers or even tweens that is so compelling to Japanese storytellers that they're the default protagonists of RPGs and anime from that country? And keep in mind these are always stories dealing (clumsily or not) with some HEAVY themes: WAR, including taking human lives, fate, destiny, duty, SELF SACRIFICE, TRUE LOVE, and SAVING THE GODDAMNED WORLD, all things that a real life seventeen year old is very much unequipped to mentally or emotionally handle.

Ironically, when I started doing RPG Maker I was just a teenager. I made games and wrote characters that were adults because when I was a teenager I had no interest in writing about teenagers. Also I felt like I was bucking a BAFFLING trend. Now that I'm 30, I've found myself much more interested in writing about teenagers. But nothing has been weirder than to watch characters I've written go from being around 8 years older than me to around 8 years younger than me as I've aged! (In some cases, I even retconned the age of major characters from my earlier games to be a bit older just so I could feel a little bit less old. Well, and to be fair, also because I'd learned a bit about the world and realized, no, you couldn't realistically have that many degrees at the age of 23 no matter how brilliant you were.)

(Someone might want to move this to Videogames. I honestly don't know where it belongs better, there or here.)

[RMVX ACE] Curious About The More Obscure Parameters

So I've logged a few thousand hours in Ace but it has a lot of parameters--which, incidentally, is great. And there are several I've never used and also several I've never been able to entirely figure out, even with the tooltip.

LUK: Does it, by default, do ANYTHING on its own? (Besides the fact you can use it in damage formula (I often add b.luk into the formula for healing skills/items.)
Critical Evasion: I play Dungeons & Dragons so I've always assumed this was the percent chance to turn a critical hit into a regular hit. And a character with CEV 100% would be immune to criticals (like way too many creature types in D&D). But maybe it literally EVADES the critical and turns it into an EVADE!? The funny thing is I've used it in more than one game but I'm still not sure which it is.
MRF: Reflects magical attacks, with the damage based on the original caster's stats??
CNT: Reflects physical attacks, with the damage based on the Countering character's stats??
GRD: Honestly, I have no idea. I assume it has something to do with the defend command?
REC: I think maybe it multiplies the effects of healing skills/items? So a character with REC 200% would get double heals from everything? If so, it's a bummer you can't set it to -100%, effectively causing the "Zombie" status effect from Final Fantasy. Although I'm sure there's a script for that somewhere.
PDR: Physical damage rate. What it sounds like, I assume? So magical attacks and certain hit attacks ignore this parameter? And the main difference between this and a resistance/weakness to the Physical element, in most games, is that this would not display a Resist/Weakpoint? (I always have the basic core of the Yanfly Engine installed so I've started to conflate it with Ace. Actually I think vanilla Ace doesn't even have popups like "Resist/Weakpoint".)
MDR: Magical damage rate. What it sounds like, I assume? So physical attacks and certain hit attacks ignore this parameter?
FDR: I have absolutely no idea what this does. I don't even know if it's referring to the statistical/mathematical concept of floor somehow or the damage you take from walking over tiles. This is the one I"m most curious about.

[RMMV] [RMVX ACE] Okay, Let's Have This Discussion: Sample Maps

Okay, this entire thread is apologetics (that is the correct term I believe) for the shame free, carefree, guilt-free use of sample maps in your game. If that very sentence makes you convulse with paroxysms of fury...probably don't bother reading on.

All references to WYWY below refer only to the FIRST HALF of the game, not to the game Doge completed, which is why I am using "I" and "my" and not "we" and "our".

Watching a stream of the first half of a game I am very proud of, I heard it said that the sample maps were not allowed in that event. I was totally baffled by this attitude and outlook. I completely do not understand the stigma against the use of sample maps and furthermore the idea that it would not be allowed. Maybe this is because I am coming from the mindset of someone who has been doing gam mak for 500 THOUSAND YEARS but I just do not get it. The fact that I used sample maps does not detract from the hundreds of hours and actual literal sleepless nights I spent on my game's writing, events, battles and every other fucking aspect.

If this arises purely from people who are sick of sample maps because they've seen them a lot in a bunch of newb's games and are just plain tired of seeing them, that I can at least understand. "Familiarity breeds contempt" someone around here used to be fond of saying.

If the point is that people associate sample maps with newb trash or whatever because of above, then people need to let go of that fallacious association. Just because you often find sample maps in games into which inadequate effort was put does not mean that all games with sample maps are trash. Sample Maps != No Effort

If people think that using sample maps is inherently lazy...FUCK THAT NOISE.

Let me clarify: I am not new. As previously mentioned, I've been doing this since I would guess 2001. I have made easily two thousand maps across RPG Makers 2000, 2003, VX, and Ace and that was enough map making for me to learn something*. I guarantee you that the number of UNUSED maps for unreleased projects I've made outnumbers the total maps many of you have made. I am sure I had made my first hundred maps before some of you were even born.

*The thing I learned is that what I like about using RPG Maker is not making maps. What I like is writing characters, building worlds, writing stories, designing systems, balancing battles, and designing soundtracks and ambient sound effects. Making maps is a chore I have endured in the past to do the things I like in other engines. I fucking refuse to be shamed or excluded for using a tool (sample maps) that allows me to focus on the aspects of my HOBBY (RPG Maker) that I actually like. Fam, I understand many of you are super proud of your elite mapping skills, but it's called RPG Maker, not MAP MAKER.

Now, as the products of mine that are planned to be commercial progress, I will be very careful about the use of (and display in marketing of) sample maps, but those are games I will eventually want people to pay me money for, so I don't consider my "this is a hobby and I'll focus on whatever part of it I want" argument to be as applicable. Paying customers are entitled to maps that did not come with RPG Maker. But the majority of my stuff, the stuff I do for free? See the above paragraphs.

Finally, y'know, in some very specific cases choosing to use sample maps can be an actual artistic decision:

(This is in parentheses because it is a SIDE NOTE so if you need to respond to this part, please RESPOND BY PM. In the case of When You Were Young it was absolutely a deliberate artistic decision to use (modified) sample maps, like it was a deliberate decision to use as-much-as-possible-unaltered actors, skills, and so on. If I wasn't deliberately aiming for this, aside from using sample maps, I would never have done any of the following:

* Have a protagonist in my game named Ralph.
* Have a protagonist in my game named Ulrika.
* Have a protagonist in my game named Elmer.
* Have healing items with names as blandly generic as "Potion" and "Hi-Potion".
* Include a random Norse God (Odin) shoehorned into my non-Norse pantheon as part of worldbuilding because random default Database tooltip's or items made specific mention of Odin.
* Left in item and school tooltips that were incomprehensible Engrish or otherwise useless.
* Made an effort to use the weapons, armor, skills and items in the default database as-is, only changing them when absolutely necessary for game balance.
* Have a character named NOAH and another character named NOEL, names which are easily confused.
* And so on...

Long story short the entire theme of the game was similar to the theme of this event that I missed by four years, telling a story around the very little that can be gleaned from the RTP and the default database. I cobbled together my plot from snippets of the descriptions of the default VXA characters Eric, Isabelle, and Noah. I have no idea why Squaresoft has a product called "Bravely Default" or what the fuck it even is, but being "bravely default" was my entire core design principle. Sample maps were the correct artistic choice and I stand by it.


If people take away only one thing from this thread I'd like it to be this:Sample Maps != Less or No Effort
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