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Bloodstained Hands
Read-on Classic RPG with an artistic approach.



Update 2023-09

Hey, good on you for making a return to the project! It's easy to give up on something when you start experiencing burnout, or if it isn't turning out how you want. It's much harder to come back to it and say "okay, what can I do better and what should I prioritize?" Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Awful haikus

So, why are there two
Flush buttons on the toilet?
I have no answer.


Woah, is this new? I'll have to allot a schedule for this!

It's new to this year! I started work on the project back in February, I believe. Hoping to have it done by the end of 2025, but that may be a bit unrealistic for the scope of this project.

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Thrall Developers Showcase

Here's the last episode featuring the character skill trees! This week features Brutus the Berserker! While not having the ability to multiply his damage like Damien, Brutus can gradually increase his damage infinitely over time! His skills allow him to deal massive damage consistently, and become a walking tank while doing so, absorbing damage like nobody else!

PSA: DO NOT Use Unity (Or RM Unite)

I'm actually going to redact the post I just made, because it's irrelevant. The last thing you said is kind of more to the point that I was making. Not caring about whether or not the details of what you post are accurate is the point. The first post is full of inaccuracies, such as free games getting charged, retroactive downloads getting charged, and re-downloads getting charged. Those are all false. My main point, I'll reiterate, is let's get the facts before we get outraged. I'm not saying we shouldn't be outraged over this, but let's at least make sure we're getting outraged over the right things.


Mix toothpaste and orange juice.

PSA: DO NOT Use Unity (Or RM Unite)

Let me just clarify something here, since apparently my stance was a little unclear. I am not in any way defending Unity. I think what they're doing is reprehensible and will only harm the community, and I sincerely hope they reconsider this decision. I am merely pointing out that it is ultimately their software, and when you choose to use someone else's software, you inevitably limit what control you have over what can be done with that software. The only way to have COMPLETE control is to create your own software or engine. By creating your own engine, you sacrifice time, but by using someone else's, you sacrifice control. That's all I'm saying in regards to Unity's decision.

But the main point was actually not even about the decision they made or whether or not I think it's good or bad. My point was, let's not go spreading misinformation about this. Let's get the facts. From everything I can see, nobody is going to be spending millions of dollars and going bankrupt over a game that was released years ago. Will it hurt developers? Absolutely. Should this be allowed to continue? Absolutely not. I agree with everything you guys are saying. But contributing to the spread of propaganda and misinformation is generally not a healthy or mature approach to any situation. Speak out about it, yes, but do the research first. Is that fair?

PSA: DO NOT Use Unity (Or RM Unite)

Oh I'm well aware. I'm not saying it's good practice. What I'm saying is this will likely not even affect 95% of all the people who use Unity, and will likely not affect anyone at all who plays unity based games. In my opinion, I think this is getting blown way out of proportion, and is largely misunderstood. And moreover, I have a background in business, so I have somewhat of a different perspective than most people. I would ask that, while I agree with your point, please take into context the full scope of what I said, not just the fact that I said I think it's "lenient." It is technically lenient in the context of the argument. Just as it's not at all lenient in the context of yours.

EDIT: The context being on how business works and the methods with which companies can seek compensation for their products, as opposed to the context being a comparable business model within the same industry. Although even that can be pretty modular when you look at services such as Spotify vs iTunes.

EDIT: Although honestly, it's a moot point. My point in replying to this at all was to diffuse an argument, not create one. If someone disagrees with me, I'm totally fine with that, but I'd rather just let it go from here.

PSA: DO NOT Use Unity (Or RM Unite)

Oh, make no mistake, it does sting for big time developers that have used the service up to this point and already pay for a pro subscription, but let's face it: the makers of Unity are business owners. They can do whatever they want with their service. If you don't like it, don't use them. Use someone else, or god forbid you learn how to make your own engine. They're under no obligation to offer anything at all, and they have every legal right to charge whatever they deem fair for their product. But my point in saying that it's generous is that the only developers actually affected by this are ones who have used their service to generate considerable profit. They're not charging some small time dev to use Unity. They easily could, but they aren't. And also, they're only charging people who's games make over $200k in revenue within 12 months. That stipulation could easily be in lifetime sales. I don't know about you, I think that's pretty lenient.