Possible Silly Question!

I won't dive into a something long to explain this. XD

Basically, how would you grant a group of magical girls/boys/heroes their powers so they can fight evil?

I may or maybe be using a possible suggestions listed here for something. :P


I Draws the Arts

I never knew a section like this existed. Well, I am slow... :P

Hello, my name is Strawberrii, and drawing is fun!

Some random doodles~

Sketch of two friends eager to slay a monster together.

An irritated, adolescent boy:

The main character of my WIP fantasy novel. I couldn't draw her male companion...

The same girl, but it's terrible...

One of the characters for Ghost Shards, Koralyn:

Aelina, from Ghost Shards:

The older form of the guy from the first sketch:

Obvious description:

From an art-trade on Instagram:

A sketch of siblings, or a couple. Not sure yet. o.o

Drawings of old men from Google Images:

Coloring is my weakness...

Pixel art is fun!

Game Page Idea(s)


I had the strangest idea... Would it be odd to add "website" on the right side of the game pages (under developers, engine, etc.). There might not be a good reason for doing so, but people do have, and make, websites for their games.

Just a suggestion I suppose. *shrug*

Giant Mushroom

Maker: RPG Maker XP
Type of resource requested: Tileset Addon
Sprite template being used: RTP
Tile size in pixels: Look at pictures
Basically I want a giant mushroom to add to my forest tileset - as big as the pictures below.

Here is my attempt (>>).

Here is me resizing a mushroom (<<).

Any other comments: To make things easier you can use my mushroom as a base and fix it up if you want. Or you can start from scratch. If you can help me, I would love you forever. I wish I could offer something back, but I'm not good at anything (some beg to differ). You can make look like anything, as long as it matches the RMXP RTP. ^^

Thanks in advance! :)

Silly Question

Um, hi.

I accidentally pushed some buttons together and made this site and only this site zoom out where everything is all tiny and hard to read.

If you want, I could screenshot it.

Does anyone know how I can zoom in again so I can see? O_oa

Thanks in advance.

Sorry if this is the wrong place. o.o
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