A big fan of both JRPGs and cRPGs, though I mostly play cRPGs these days since I haven't gotten a console in years. I've tried and failed to make an RPG about three times now. Back into it, on my third try, see how it goes.

I really like open-ended RPGs like Baldur's Gate, and hope I can manage to emulate that experience, because that's the kind of game I like to play.



Making Random Encounters More Bearable

In a perfect world, random-screen transition battles wouldn't exist. Anyway, this is a good write up. Lots of good tips. Short battles with lots of variety. When I design my battles, I try to make them at least somewhat threatening. Make your healer actually do something but, still... keep it short. Tough enemies doesn't necessarily mean tons of HP.

Starless Umbra

A game with an emphasis on fun? Man, I have to play this!


Controversial Statement:
I believe that having very high standards for one's own work is almost prohibitive to actually releasing anything complete. I won't use the word prohibitive but I will say antithetical. All of the real "perfectionists" I know, often with very impressive projects, have never actually finished anything. Obviously this statement is meant to describe RM but in my experience it applies to writing just as much; it is pretty much an accepted fact that a first draft, at least, can't be finished without throwing your standards out the window.

You bring up a good point. Hemingway once said that the first draft of anything is shit. Maybe people need to focus more on finishing projects, getting feedback and then going back and tweaking them into a completed form. This is truly the advantage of working in a community like this as opposed to if you were a professional developer and worked in a vacuum.

I think the mindset is that people go and hide for a few months to make their game and when they deem it to be perfect and complete they release it and that's the end of the story. I don't see any reason a lot of the games on this site that have received 3 or 2 score review's couldn't go back and rework things and release v2.0.

I think there is a lot of pressure to get it absolutely right the first go and it doesn't have to be that way. Perhaps after going through this back and forth process a few times people would be less afraid of finishing projects, less afraid of getting it wrong, and more motivated to actually create a "finished" project.

But, I dunno, I'm new here. :p

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Icewind Dale. Oh, how I wish there were more of these games. So fun.

Ok shoot down this idea.

It just has to end with an epic battle in the castle with the King and his recently appointed "heroes". Should be a good time. Perhaps you could entire during the King's standard speech where he asks the heroes to save the world from the evil that is coming and you'd be like, "It's already here."


I have very low standards as I currently would just like to finish ANY RPG Maker project before I die.

Difficult Boss Battles, Skippable Cutscenes, and Rage

Otherwise you're just forcing them to sit through something they care nothing about.
Maybe that player should play another game...?

Maybe the entertainment value of a GAME shouldn't rely on a player wanting to ingest a 200,000 word story that may or may not be good.

RPGs were never about forcing the player to hear your story. They are about giving them a choice and making their own story. Some games have gotten light years away from that principal in the form of hour long cut scenes and linear plots, others still try to give you a semblance of a choice in what happens during major plot points of the story they are inevitably forcing down your throat, still, I'd choose the latter.

How tolerant are you to legitimately difficult bosses?

This is why the Baldur's Gate series was so special. Grinding was an impossibility...oh, well it was replaced with reloading ten times, but still, there were fights that really tested your knowledge of the game.

Icewind Dale even more so, until you found yourself with a -12 AC, -2 THAC0 Fighter that steam rolled everything.

Legitimately tough bosses should be the rule not the exception. The entire system of random battles allowing grinding should have been an exception, yet it caught on and people seemed to embrace this wholly terrible device. The entire concept of random battles only arrived with JRPGs. You play ANY WRPG and it features all battles and enemies taking place on the map. I digress.

Intentionally Bad Games.

Never as funny as the author believes they are. It's a fun novelty for a while but after a while you just want to play a great game and constantly making fourth wall breaking jokes and the like just ruins that and gets tiring.

Hero's Realm

I've just started playing and I'm loving it. Are there many side dungeons?
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