A big fan of both JRPGs and cRPGs, though I mostly play cRPGs these days since I haven't gotten a console in years. I've tried and failed to make an RPG about three times now. Back into it, on my third try, see how it goes.

I really like open-ended RPGs like Baldur's Gate, and hope I can manage to emulate that experience, because that's the kind of game I like to play.


Stress is here!

Hello. Long time, creator. Just found this site and was reading a few topics and really enjoyed the subject matter. Was hanging out at other forums but they were pretty dead/non-stimulating so I hope to have some fun here and learn something. I haven't finished a single RPG yet though I have started two, the second of which I'm still working on - AND IS AWESOME!!!!111

I kid.

What else...I enjoy random quests, open ended choices in dialogue that have varying effects on your character, and heroes you'd like to get a beer with.

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