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A multi-talented studio involved in concept designing for animation and games, 3D animation of all types using Maya, music composition using GarageBand, Techno eJay, and HipHop eJay for MP3s and NoteWorthy Composer 2 for MIDIs, and RPG Maker VX Ace for game development.

Studio Zytharros copyright 2016 Kyle Janzen. Current projects: Girl on a Beach (VX Ace).
Silent Eyes
Two siblings crash on an island with one goal in mind... which is soon changed entirely as they fight to stay alive. *A VXA Nugget Crash Course Game*



Open to 3D animate for any game that needs it!

My 3D videos:

Silent Eyes

Always have UNENCRYPTED backups of your projects just in case something was wrong.

What was learned from the experience, actually, was to back up the file... and then remember where it was backed up. I had begun development on this game on my old tower, and when I transferred computers, I forgot to take the unencrypted game with me.

Or so I thought.

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing through one of my old Flash drives and POOF - an unencrypted version! Ironically, the time away from the contest, coupled with the time away from the game, put enough distance between me and this project that I see things I know I could have done a whole lot better with a little less pressure.

I might just redevelop this from the ground up after I've finished my sophomore game and while I work on a buddy's.

VXA: Stopping scrolling text at a certain point...

If the "\|" control character doesn't work for Scrolling Text, why should "\."? I strongly suspect that you'd have to split up the remainder into a separate Message Box and/or Scrolling Text. Possibly with a Wait in between them?

That might be what I have to settle for, unless I create a separate image with the spacing I like and stop the image from scrolling at that point. I could do that, too.


Pay no attention to the dork who posted the content of his first new page in a game in a long while on the first post and then deleted it...


That is a picture of Tachibana Kanade from Angel Beats.

You're already walking a fine line if you want to use it even though your game isn't commercial. But you should take off that copyright symbol, as it crosses that line in leaps and bounds.

Also, why even use that image? It's such a jarring disconnect with the in-game face of her. It looks really unprofessional.

Ogeez... Thanks for the info. I didn't know it came from an actual game. I just grabbed it from an image site. It was the closest one I could find that resembled her. *sweatdrop* I guess I'm going to need to take a better look at the resources I gather.

Now, to hunt someone down that'll do the title card for me... or I can try my hand at it myself. I have been meaning to break in that "How to Draw Manga" book my cousin bought me last Christmas...

How to Train Your Dragon In Statistics 2

815 Studio Zytharros: 152

Hmm. Not a bad fall rate for two years' absence. Darn those ponies...

Anywho, I'll probably have a couple games coming soon. I'm working on a giant RPG parody for a buddy of mine, and I've got some Girl on a Beach taking a soldier for a ride on the go. Hopefully, they'll generate some interest.

The parody is going to be really funny.

VXA: Stopping scrolling text at a certain point...

I'm working on the credits event for my latest project and I've run into a little issue - how to stop scrolling text. Anyone know how to do this? I tried the "\|" stop code, but that doesn't work. I'm actually trying to get it to stop at a specific point. Any ideas?

RPG Maker VX Ace font change

Yeah, another script is either changing the default font or every time it draws text sets the bitmap's font to something besides default. Vanilla VX doesn't change the fonts and only uses the default one. Scripts usually have instructions on how to change the font so double check that to see how to change the font in the scripts. If there isn't paste your scripts here and I can take a peek at it.

Found the offending bit of code! Thanks!

RPG Maker VX Ace font change

I want to change my font to something other than the default. I've tried using kentona's suggestion of

Font.default_name =
Font.default_size = 22

and all its variants for VX to change my font, but all it does is change up the code for the New Game box at the title screen. Is there a way to modify this for VX Ace, or is the fact that I have Yanfly's character box name add-on code installed a problem? If so, is there a workaround?

Doublepost. Sorry.

Doublepost. Sorry.