RMN Music Pack

GG, all. :3 Wish I could have done more too, but, well, then I put Skyrim on and the next thing I knew it was a couple of weeks later.

This has been an awesome event, though. Do they have music-related events often in this community?

If they did...that would be awesome XD
And I know the feeling about the whole Skyrim thing. This time though, It's because of Ni No Kuni for me lol

RMN Music Pack

I think you guys should stipulate a date for closing submissions, like a week or two before the actual contest's end, so you guys have time and no more songs are submitted. I'm pushing myself real hard and I'll keep composing and sending songs as long as I can :)

That does make sense. The judges will surely have a less hectic time of listening over the songs once the submissions stop coming in. I myself wish I had more time, but a closing date makes for fair play.

RMN Music Pack

Okay, so I submitted my first contribution. At least I can tell myself that I'm less of a resource leech now lol...

RMN Music Pack

I really feel like giving something back to the community for all the resources, so count me in on this one :D
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