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Swap in the Middle with You~

For some goofy reason, I thought it had to be about an hour. Silly me. I might try to recreate a shorter version on another machine once I put out this fire. Thanks for the clarification.

Swap in the Middle with You~

Progress: I had an excellent half-game. I had 10 maps and a good 1 1/2 hours of gameplay, but now I have the worst possible problem... FUCKING CRYPTOWALL! Aaah!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

*Sigh...* Luckily the project was spared, but you can't take this lightly. Needless to say, I may need to pull out if I can't make sure my files won't spread the pain. T_T

Chains of Fate

A good idea, thank you for the suggestion! I'll definitely use that in my next update!

Swap in the Middle with You~

Now this sounds like fun! Count me in!

Note: I have RM2K3, RMXP, VXAce, and RPGMV.

Bugs and Glitches

Fixed a minor glitch where Li-Lin's face graphics would not display the correct image during the bandit leader fight. Now working on more content~!

Bugs and Glitches

Your lag issues are due to the fact that this game is VERY demanding (I'm using over 20 plugins!) and it can slow down on lower-end computers on occasion if too much is going on. I'm working on streamlining it so it plays better, but this tends to be a problem with RPG Maker MV in general... :/

As for the stats, yes, I did rebalance the heroes' stats. That is the difference you see in Ashe's stats. As for your forest difficulties, it can be a very challenging journey if you are less than level 5 and have not learned Bolt, Thunder Blast, and/or Desperate Edge. Desperate Edge and Thunder Blast (Plasma Blast in trance mode) both get stronger the greater the difference between your max HP and current HP. Thunder Blast and Plasma blast will also factor in your max and current MP difference too. (Note: Starlight, Infernal Strike, and several other "unique" spells work in a similar manner.) Bolt works well on the bats (both Red and Blue) who are are weak to lightning attacks. The Blue Slimes frequently drop healing items, and are weak to lightning as well. If you manage to learn Shriek from the bats, it makes a nice group attack, handy for wiping out low-level enemies. Try grinding in the forked path, as the healing point is right nearby. I tweaked the escape ratios to increase bit by bit if you fail to escape, so don't be afraid to run if you need to. Try to defeat a Packrat if you find one. The Packrats will run away at the first opportunity, but they give a nice load of money if successfully defeated. (You will start to find ways to spend said money in the next update...)

I hope that helps~!

Bugs and Glitches

Thank you for the bug reports. The difficulty glitch has been replicated and occurs due to a balance adjustment in the 02/11/16 update. As for that second glitch, does this only happen with older saves? I can't replicate it...

Chains of Fate

Sweet. Curious on one thing, though... will the romantic option effect the ending depending on choice? Like, seeing different endings depending on who you pair with?

Near the end, a major choice will determine the ending you get (among other things). If you have a romantic relationship and it is high enough, a new branch of endings will appear.

Chains of Fate

PC main download now updated! Expect Mac, Android, and online updates soon!

EDIT: Just discovered a minor bug where the boss enemies will become abnormally weak on rare occasion. This should not affect progression, but may impact balance. Expect to see it by 02/11/16!

EDIT 2 : ...That bug seems to still be here. I've made a second fix. For now, re-initiating the boss fight should fix this glitch.

EDIT 3: Fixed it for good (I hope)! Please re-download the game if this bug bothers you. Thank you for your patience.

Chains of Fate

Started playing and like everyone so far, very much enjoying the game even if I almost got dead :( in my first battle.

Just curious. I tried to begin with the female warrior bu the game gave
me the male warrior Ashe....why can't I be a girl?? :)
Huh? The game saves you as the male hero when playing the female? How bizarre. I've never seen that one before... I'll try to get my update stable enough to release by tomorrow. It won't have the content I planned, but it will have balance revamps and bugfixes. Hopefully that addresses some of the issues.

EDIT: Strange. I can't replicate this glitch. Were you by chance using the restart in the bonus zone? This has been known to cause odd glitches sometimes.