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Chains of Fate

Thanks for the compliments everyone! A MAJOR overhaul involving dynamic enemy strength is on the cusp of being released, as is even more story content, so stay tuned~!

@AlanS77 - I'm not offended. Actually, that's a good point about the transfers. I'll definitely implement that in the next update.

@TDG3RD Actually, a romance system is already in the works! Romantic options will be available with playable characters if your relationship with a character is high enough. Out of the playable characters, only 2 cannot be romanced: Li-Lin (He's just eleven years old. Even though he's a dragon, it'd be more than a bit creepy XP.) and Terrance (There's going to be a major story reason for this ;D.). You will see a little bit of this system in the next update!

Bugs and Glitches

Bugfix Log
UPDATE 01/08/16:

* Fixed a major progression bug that somehow appeared involving the male hero.

* Fixed typos again.

* Extended the forest branch again. Work to begin on the plains branch...

UPDATE 01/08/16:

*Fixed several more typos.

*Note: A bug involving story progression with the male hero has been discovered. It's unclear if it appears in all versions, so a new update fixing this will be posted tonight.

*Fixed a glitch where the Chancellor would forcibly swap positions with the hero. Unfortunately, this came at the cost of the party-swapping ability. It's a temporary fix until I figure out exactly what happened...

*Working on expanding post-castle branches. Expect a release by end of month!

UPDATE 12/28/12:

*Fixed several typos.

*Fixed the slime quest... again. Apparently adding more slimes broke the quest detection during the fire scene. THIS SHOULD FIX THAT CRAZY THING FOR GOOD NOW!

*Added several more new trance skills.

UPDATE 12/22/15:

*Removed RMN hosted version due to .zip splitting issues.

UPDATE 12/21/15:

*Added a new scene in the forest branch.

*Fixed a major glitch involving the slime-killing quest. Also added one more.

*Added several new skills and rebalanced certain enemies.

UPDATE 12/17/15:

*Added the ability to use Aura Burst after the Heretic Acolyte fight. Have fun transforming~!

*Something in one of my updates broke the bonus area earlier. It is now fixed.

UPDATE 12/16/15:

*Yikes, what a snafu! I think I accidently forgot to reset the start point after implementing a test zone. If you started off in a field with a bunch of random stuff, please talk to the sword. Alternately, download the newest update. Sorry about that! XD

*I have added a new branch to one scene. It was accidently broken during an update, but should work now.

*I seem to have accidently forgotten a file during packaging. That's fixed now and a new update is out.

Chains of Fate

Argh, I thought I fixed that long ago! (I use the /n code a lot, so that's not the problem.) Okay, that bug's next on my fix-list. Thank you for telling me. I may need to ditch the ability to rename the hero if I can't fix this issue... Until I find the source of this irritating bug, do not rename the hero. Again, thank you! :)

Chains of Fate

Updated again! This time it was a bugfix and rebalancing involving the slimes, as well as a bugfix for the forest scene.

Chains of Fate

That's the goal! :) Unfortunately since I'm having trouble with bugs, progress is slower than I want. I will keep working on it, so don't worry. :D

Online WebBrowser Version Available!

Wow, I actually got featured?! I'm flattered and surprised! Thank you freank for helping me.

Chains of Fate

I like it I like it :D
I want the next update *Q*
Thank you for the praise! Expect the next update in a week or two! :D

Chains of Fate

Just saw this game and had to subscribe :)

But I'm curious. I went through the screen shots and noticed that the name of the character speaking does not show of the speechbox? Is that on purpose or to be corrected later on???
Thank you for your subscription! I hope I won't disappoint. :D

As for the names, that was deliberate. I may use name-boxes for this in the future if I can find the right script.

EDIT: I have decided to use name-boxes after further consideration!

Chains of Fate

Why not? I can play through your game and look for passability errors, grammar and, of course, bugs and gliches. Everything I find gets a place in MS Paint. But such thinks will be better send by PM.

Many thanks! I will upload a testing version of the newest update soon. Your help is greatly appreciated! :D

Chains of Fate

Wow, I am flattered at the amount of attention this is getting already. I have decided that I need some help. I am now looking for beta-testers. Please comment or PM me if you're interested.

Have fun, and keep watching for more progress!