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Chains of Fate

Just got stuck in the castle.
I think an event didn't work right when entering the throneroom. The part with Ashe sprinting through the flames was missing so I'm now on the wrong side of the fire and can't go to the balcony.
And the quest complete appears each time you entered a cleared part of the castle.
Thanks for telling me. I thought I quashed that bug long ago... At any rate, this glitch will be fixed in tomorrow's update, along with some newly added scenes.

EDIT: Fixed. The update is complete. If you encountered this glitch, please re-download the game, or do not kill more than 33 slimes. This will fail the slime quest if the choice is made to charge through the fire, but it is the only way to avoid the glitch, save a re-download.

Chains of Fate

Well that's embarrassing. I missed a file during packaging and trimming! A new, fixed download will be available right away. Sorry. XP

EDIT: And fixed. The new update should be up now.

Chains of Fate

NOTE: Please post bug reports and glitches to the Bugs and Glitches page from here out. Thank you and enjoy~!

A Golden Week of RPG Maker 2003

How come I didn't notice this contest till now!? No excuses, I'm gonna do this! RM2K3 nostalgia mode, activate :D!!

Befuddle Quest VII: Advent Children

And tada! My puzzles are complete. I decided to be both gentle and (a little) cruel for this entry. I hope you guys likey a good maze~! And riddles, muhaha... (Would've done even more, but my computer came down with a nasty virus somehow.)

Befuddle Quest VII: Advent Children

Hehe, this is too perfect. I have a knack for designing puzzles, both the stupidly easy and the bang-head-on-desk hard. I think I'll dig one up for this. Count me in!


I'll see if I can find out how to fix this. How do I keep missing that stuff? >_< I guess it happens when you're flying solo, hehe. Thanks for finding these things and being so patient with my glitches. The new dl just finished uploading, so the alchemy problem is no more! At least, I sure hope so...!


That's odd. It was working earlier... :S I'll see what I can do to fix it. In the meanwhile, it looks like the forging and smelting still works! I should have a bugfix ready in a day or two.

EDIT: Found it! Pesky extra space typo. Uploading fix now...


Thanks for the input, it is greatly appreciated! There's a second party member if you can reach the second enemy on Floor 5. That's why there's a revival item.

V0.2 has a lot of issues that I'm carefully ironing out right now. The upcoming v0.3 will have many, many improvements, including additional traps, goodies, and surprises in the dungeon. It also will be greatly rebalanced so that grinding/healing isn't so annoying. As for that slowdown bug...I only recently found the culprit. It has been fixed and will be in the new release as well. Due to the nature of the random dungeon, a random spawn point will be very difficult. I'm going to work on trying to get that fixed... Abilities will be re-added in the new version too. I was having issues with the battle engine that have since been resolved. As for that script error you encountered...I've never seen it before. Weird. Does it happen often or was it a one-off?

Again, thanks for your info. I expect to release v0.3 soon, so please bear with me...I don't want this release to be such a rush this time.


Are the dungeons supposed to be so empty? Besides the monster spawners there isn't much going on. I've also only ever found money in chests, not sure if that's intended. The majority of the dungeon is a deadend, and you usually come off of a Floor finding a single chest. Then I get to Floor 4 I believe and have to fight a Plant monster that kills me in 2 turns. I even went back to town first and got around 18 additional pts of Defense in gear. I hope you don't expect me to sit at those monster spawners grinding the same slimes, especially since they only give 3 exp.
Right now the game is just boring. I'm not sure why you made it so the Vendor can't sell you Weapons at the moment, since they would be a huge help. I ended up getting to Floor 4, was still level 1 and simply gave up. What you need to work on is motivating the player. You've given me no reason to care about what happens next, or how powerful I can become. Do that and I'll gladly give the game a second chance. Good luck.

Thanks for your time! You've made some very valid points. I know the story is bare in the beginning, so I extended the introduction sequence. How so? Let's say it directly addresses that motivation issue...

This demo was released before I implemented some new systems and techniques. In version 0.3, you'll be able to upgrade weapons by crafting with materials. You'll also be able to create accessories this way. This is why you can't buy weapons yet. You'll also be able to "purchase" new skills with AP points earned by leveling up. This will grant you the ability to access powerful skills that are otherwise unobtainable.

I realize it's horribly balanced right now, and that's another thing I refined in the upcoming version. Slimes will give far more experience, and a rare enemy will appear on occasion, which gives a massive amount of experience if you successfully kill it. Difficulty will be adjustable at will, so you can adjust your rewards/challenges as you feel like it.

More things are to come, so keep watching! I'll release v0.3 soon! (Maybe a week or so? Gotta make certain the game is balanced and engaging this time...)