Chains of Fate
A classic-style RPG focused on choice-making and decisions!



Star's Keep

Eeep! Sorry about the super-long delays, folks. Personal issues got in the way of development. This project is not dead yet! Expect a new update within the week!

Star's Keep

It was supposed to explain that a blessing can heal an unconscious person for free.i 'm not sure why it skipped that. I retested the forest and I agree. I'll shorten it a bit and add a puzzle. The naked glitch is a weird one. I never saw that happen in my bug test. I'll get that fixed tomorrow.

Star's Keep

How odd. I use IE and it d/ls games from here just fine. I just added an alternate d/l link. Hopefully this helps. :)

Long time lurker, saying hi!

Hello everyone. I've been lurking around RMN ever since those wild days of RM2K and I decided it's finally time to come out of the shadows. I'm a writer and avid gamer who dreams of going pro one day. I'm on a mission to prove that games aren't just eye candy. They need gameplay and story too! (Looking at YOU FF13 and clones...) I aim to get back that awesome time when one person with a keyboard and a dream could wow the world. Until then, I'm here, working from obscurity upwards.